House & Garden Bud XL

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House & Garden Bud XL is a bloom booster with a blend of ingredients to optimise flower production and notably increase the crop’s final weight.

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House & Garden Bud XL

House & Garden Bud XL is a bloom booster with a blend of ingredients to optimise flower production and notably increase the crop’s final weight. 

This product provides quality without compromise for all discerning growers and has several attributes and features, which include the following:

  • Highly regarded as a premium quality bloom enhancer
  • Works well with other House & Garden products
  • Produces better quality products and sweeter fruits
  • Increases the weight of the final crop considerably
  • It makes your plants concentrate on flower/fruit production in the blooming stage

Bud XL works to extract sugars from the plant leaves and transfer these to the fruit, making the fruit far sweeter with an improved taste. The product will also increase the health and size of the flowers, resulting in increased fruit production and larger crop. Bud XL is a superb product for beginners and professionals alike.

How Does it Work?

Bud XL has several ingredients that enhance your plant’s blooming process, including enzymes that stimulate your plants to move sugars from their leaves to the bud sites to produce more flowers with improved quality and weight. 

This product uses special enzymes to encourage plants to transfer sugars from their leaves to their bud sites, leading to more extensive, much sweeter-tasting fruits. The flowers in your plants will also become more significant and improve their quality and colour. Several users of this product have reported a natural fading, yellowing or purpling of the plant’s leaves and stems, as these sugars become drawn out towards the fruiting parts of the plant, in a process sometimes known as “Autumn Colours”. 

Bud XL is a conduit for this transfer of sugars, an additive and bloom booster that harries the natural sweet carbs in your plants to where they’re needed.

How to Use?

This product suits all growing systems, substrates, and media. You can start adding the product to your nutrient solution when you see that the first flowers have formed on your plants. 

It’s at this time that the prominent bracts lose their function. By adding Bud XL, you’re effectively ensuring that the plant’s energy is not used (now redundantly) in looking after the bracts but instead towards forming the flowers – and crucially the fruits – of your plants. 

By doing this, you begin the process which allows the transport of sugars from bracts to budding sites to start in earnest. The makers recommend that you use this product in a concentration of 1ml per litre of nutrient solution and that you start using the product in the middle of your plant’s flowering stage, around week four onwards. 

How Do I Buy House & Garden Bud XL?

You can easily buy House & Garden Bud XL from our website.

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