Plant Magic Enzyme

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Plant Magic Enzyme (also known as Plant Magic Enzyme Prevents Root Rot) is a root stimulator that consists of a unique blend of enzymes to promote and maintain a healthy root zone.

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Plant Magic Enzyme

Plant Magic Enzyme (also known as Plant Magic Enzyme Prevents Root Rot) is a root stimulator that consists of a unique blend of enzymes to promote and maintain a healthy root zone. Plant Magic Enzyme also removes any dead root material to prevent infection and disease from occurring and then breaks down this organic matter to convert it into food to nourish your plants.

Plant Magic Enzyme helps prevent your plants from developing diseases such as root rot. Because the enzymes are not bacteria-based, the product is safe to be used in conjunction with disinfectant cleaners such as Pyth Tabz and any products which contain peroxide.

So Plant Magic Enzyme helps improve the root system of your plants in two ways. It organically breaks down dead root matter and also turns this into reusable nutrients for your plants.

Plant Magic Enzyme features a number of benefits and attributes, and these include:

  • Made in the UK
  • Uses enzymes to break down any dead root matter
  • Turns this dead material into food
  • Prevents root rot and certain other diseases such as Pythium
  • Prevents plants from being attacked by ingredients in tank cleaning products
  • Enhances and maintains your plants’ healthy root system
  • Works well with organic and hydroponic growing systems
  • Works well in any growing medium
  • Suitable for tanks that have been disinfected

How Does Plant Magic Enzyme Work?

Plant Magic Enzyme gets to work by breaking down dead plant tissue and in particular the dead tissue of plant roots. The enzymes in the formula speed up this process, and this is the same type of chemical reaction that occurs in animals’ digestive systems.

So Plant Magic Enzyme ‘digests’ the dead material in your plant roots. The next clever thing it does is to then convert this into sugars and other nourishment which your plant can then be fed on!

The whole effect of this is to make your plant much healthier and stronger. The product also reduces the dangers of any toxins forming near or on the plant, leading to disease or stunted growth. The fact that there is no dead root material around makes it far less easy for harmful bacteria to gather and get a hold on the local eco-system, or to find an entry point by way of the plant’s diseased root system.

Such processes, when augmented by nutrients and sugars which are also broken down by the enzymes, assist the plant in the uptake of an even greater quantity of nutrients, thereby strengthening its root system and making it more vital and healthier.

Plant Magic Enzyme Usage

Plant Magic Enzyme may be used in conjunction with any growing medium and at all stages during your plants’ vegetative and flowering cycle at a concentration of 2ml per litre of nutrient solution.

Plant Magic Enzyme is great if your intention is to reuse substrates, and for this, it is super-efficient, as it’s also capable of breaking down any root material from your last grow in the same place. Some growers prefer to soak their used growing media, such as clay pebbles, with the product for a number of days in order to eliminate the previous dead material completely. Doing this will further reduce the likelihood of infection and disease in your new crop.

Plant Magic Enzyme is also useful in that it isn’t susceptible to any products which are used for cleaning your reservoir tank (such as any peroxide-based chemicals).

How Do I Buy Plant Magic Enzyme?

You can buy Plant Magic Enzyme very easily from our website.

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