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Discover the power of Green Planet Root Builder, your ultimate ally in hydroponic gardening. This organic, user-friendly solution introduces beneficial Bacillus bacteria, revolutionising nutrient uptake and root health. Experience robust plant growth, improved soil structure, and bigger yields. Suitable for most hydroponic systems, Root Builder ensures your plants are healthier, stronger, and more productive. Embrace this essential addition to your gardening toolkit and witness a remarkable transformation in your indoor garden.

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Bigger Roots, Bigger Fruits – Discover the Organic Magic!

Welcome to the world of enhanced gardening with Green Planet Root Builder! If you’re keen on maximising your indoor hydroponic experience, this is your go-to solution. Root Builder contains an active formula with beneficial organisms that supercharge your plant’s root zone, leading to healthier, more robust growth. Perfect for your grow room or tent, this product is essential for anyone serious about indoor gardening.

Product Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Extremely Active Beneficial Organisms: Packed with Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis, Root Builder ensures your plants get the exact nutrients they need right at the root level.
  • Efficient Nutrient Uptake: These organisms enhance the conversion of both organic and inorganic fertilisers into forms your plants can easily absorb.
  • Stronger Natural Defenses: Bacillus subtilis in the mix boosts your plant’s natural defences, ensuring a healthy and thriving growing environment.
  • Improved Soil Structure: Not only does Root Builder aid in nutrient uptake, but it also enhances soil structure and moisture retention.
  • Optimal pH Balance: Tackles pH-related issues in your grow media, making for a more stable and conducive growing environment.
  • Easy to Use: Apply at a rate of 1.25ml per litre with your regular nutrient solution for best results.
  • Organic Certification: OMRI Listed, assuring you of a 100% organic product.
  • Long Shelf Life: A remarkable 5-year shelf life means you can rely on its effectiveness for seasons to come.
  • Ideal for Various Applications: Perfect as a soil amendment, a starter or co-mix for compost teas. Note: Not recommended for re-circulating hydroponic systems.
  • Safety Note: Avoid using it with hydrogen peroxide to maintain its full effectiveness.

The Science Part

At its core, this product harnesses the power of beneficial bacteria to transform your plant’s root environment into a thriving, nutrient-rich haven.

Firstly, Root Builder introduces two key types of beneficial bacteria into your grow medium: Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis. Bacillus licheniformis plays a crucial role in breaking down elements in the soil. This process is vital as it frees up your plants to focus their energy on other important functions, like producing lush, vibrant foliage and big, beautiful flowers.

Then, there’s Bacillus subtilis. This bacterium is a powerhouse in bolstering your plant’s natural defences. It produces molecules known as iturins, which target and eliminate harmful microorganisms in the rhizosphere – the root zone. This action not only protects your plants from potential threats but also fosters a healthier growing environment.

Furthermore, these bacteria work in tandem to perform as a microbial soil amendment. This moment is where the magic happens. They improve the conversion of both organic and inorganic fertilisers into plant-available forms. This efficiency in nutrient uptake is pivotal for vibrant foliage growth during the vegetative phase and for ensuring intense fruiting during the flowering stage.

Additionally, Root Builder plays a significant role in improving soil structure. It enhances the retention of soil moisture and addresses pH-related issues in the grow media. Such benefits are instrumental in ensuring your plants develop bigger roots, which, as we know, lead to bigger fruits.

For hydroponic gardeners, choosing Root Builder is a strategic decision. It’s about optimising every aspect of your indoor gardening process, from nutrient uptake to soil health. By investing in this product, you’re ensuring that your plants have everything they need to grow robustly and healthily.

Integrating Green Planet Root Builder into your hydroponic setup is a straightforward process designed to make your gardening experience as efficient and effective as possible.

Step-by-Step Usage Instructions:

  1. Measure Correctly: Begin by measuring the right amount of Root Builder. For optimal results, use 1.25 ml of Root Builder per litre of water (5 ml per gallon). This precise ratio is crucial for ensuring your plants get just the right concentration of beneficial bacteria.
  2. Mix with Nutrient Solution: Next, mix the measured amount of Root Builder into your regular nutrient solution. This action ensures an even distribution of the bacteria throughout your hydroponic system.
  3. Apply to Your Grow Medium: Once mixed, apply this solution directly to your grow medium. Whether you’re using soil, coco coir, or another medium, Root Builder penetrates and enriches the root zone effectively.
  4. Regular Application: For continuous benefits, apply Root Builder with your nutrient solution throughout your plant’s growth cycle. Consistent use will maintain a healthy, robust root system and promote overall plant health.
  5. Additional Tips:
    • Pre-Plant or Post-Plant Treatment: Root Builder is excellent as a pre-plant or post-plant treatment. If applying to the soil, ensure the soil is moist first, and water it in after application.
    • Compost Teas: This product also serves as an excellent starter or co-mix for compost teas, enhancing the microbial life within the tea.
    • Avoid Re-circulating Systems: Note that Root Builder is not suitable for re-circulating hydroponic systems due to potential overgrowth in the reservoir.

Special Considerations:

  • Do Not Mix with Hydrogen Peroxide: To maintain the efficacy of the beneficial bacteria, avoid using Root Builder in conjunction with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Shelf Life: Remember, Root Builder has a shelf life of 5 years, so you can confidently stock up without worry.

Feel free to reach out if you have any specific queries or need further assistance in integrating Root Builder into your gardening routine. And don’t forget to check out Green Planet’s website for further information.

What Does Green Planet Root Builder Do?

Green Planet Root Builder is a dynamic soil amendment designed for hydroponic systems. It introduces beneficial bacteria, specifically Bacillus licheniformis and Bacillus subtilis, into the grow medium. These bacteria enhance nutrient uptake, improve soil structure, and boost the plant’s natural defences. The result? Stronger roots and, consequently, larger fruits. It’s a comprehensive solution for optimising plant growth and health in your hydroponic garden.

Can I Use Root Builder in Any Hydroponic System?

Root Builder is versatile and works in most hydroponic systems. However, it’s important to note that it is not suitable for re-circulating hydroponic systems. In such systems, the product can cause excessive microbial growth in the reservoir. For all other systems, it’s an excellent choice for improving plant growth and health.

How Often Should I Apply Root Builder to My Plants?

For the best results, apply Root Builder regularly with your nutrient solution. The consistent application ensures continuous benefits like efficient nutrient absorption, improved soil structure, and enhanced natural plant defences.

Is Root Builder Safe and Organic?

Absolutely! Green Planet Root Builder is OMRI Listed, meaning it’s 100% organic and safe for your plants. It’s free from synthetic chemicals, making it an eco-friendly choice for your hydroponic garden. With Root Builder, you’re choosing a product that’s as good for the environment as it is for your plants.

Alongside Green Planet Root Builder, several other products can significantly enhance your hydroponic grow space. 

  • Green Planet GP3 Micro Grow Bloom: This 3-part nutrient system is ideal for hydroponic gardening. The GP3 series offers a balanced blend of essential micro and macronutrients. When used with Root Builder, it ensures your plants have access to all necessary nutrients in every growth stage, from vegetative to blooming phases.
  • Green Planet Bud Booster: A must-have for those seeking extraordinary blooms. This booster increases the size and density of your flowers. It works in perfect harmony with Root Builder, providing the additional phosphorus and potassium your plants need during the flowering stage for bigger, more luscious buds.
  • Green Planet Rezin: Rezin is a formula that enhances the natural aroma and flavour of your plants. It’s a terpene enhancer that doesn’t contain any PGRs (plant growth regulators) or banned substances. When used alongside Root Builder, it helps maximise the potential of your plants, leading to more aromatic and flavourful yields.

Transform Your Hydroponic Garden with Green Planet Root Builder

Elevate your hydroponic experience to new heights with Green Planet Root Builder. Realise the full potential of your indoor garden and witness the remarkable transformation in your plant’s growth and health. Add this essential tool to your gardening arsenal and step into a world of stronger roots and bountiful fruits. Make the smart choice today, add Green Planet Root Builder to your basket, and start cultivating your dream garden!

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