Shogun Silicon

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Shogun Silicon is an additive that protects your plants from attack by pests and disease, and at the same time, it strengthens the structure of your plants.

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Shogun Silicon

Shogun Silicon is an additive that protects your plants from attack by pests and disease, and at the same time, it strengthens the structure of your plants.

How does it Work?

The product is of good value as it is highly concentrated and formulated for optimum plant uptake. It creates enhanced cell wall strength, the basis for healthy growth and complete environmental stress resistance.

Silicon is effective from when your seedlings or cuttings grow roots until the final blooming stages just before flushing. It makes the cell walls stronger, producing more substantial branches and thicker stems which can, in turn, support a much greater weight.

This product increases chlorophyll production and optimises the carbon dioxide locally, quickening the photosynthesis process considerably. It produces much greener leaves and an overall improvement in plant health. Plants that are stronger and happier provide more extensive, better quality fruits, and you’ll notice the quality and quantity of your crop improves at harvest time.

The more robust plant structure also keeps pests at bay – insects have a more challenging time penetrating leaf matter. Your plants will develop better resilience to threats from pathogenic bacteria and fungi.

Silicon has the following attributes and benefits:

  • High concentrated and cost-effective
  • Improves plant structure and makes cell walls strong
  • It produces more substantial branches and thicker stems, supporting bigger yields
  • Reduces leaf water loss
  • Resistant to pests, diseases and environmental stress
  • Increases nutrient uptake and carbon dioxide absorption rates
  • Used to increase pH levels of nutrient solution
  • Works very well with any growing medium and growing system

This product provides excellent results in every type of growing media, whether hydroponic, coco, aeroponic or soil-based and plants will enjoy better protection against harmful environmental alterations.

How to Use?

The recommended concentration for this additive is 1ml per litre of water. It is effective throughout both the vegetative and flowering stages, and you can use it as soon as your young cuttings or seedlings grow roots. You can continue using it to the point where you’re ready to flush about one or two weeks before harvest.

Add to your base nutrient at a concentration of 1ml per litre of solution. Stir thoroughly. This action will raise the pH, so check the levels after adding to ensure that they’re within the accepted range of your growing method. The Essentials pH Meter is an ideal tool for the job.

Adding Silicon before levelling off the pH will help stabilise the pH level of the nutrient solution for longer. Add straight into your reservoir and mix well immediately.

Don’t mix any aggressive products in their concentrated form.

Always store somewhere safe and wear protective clothing.

How Can I buy Shogun Silicon?

You can buy Shogun Silicon directly from our website.

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