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Elevate your hydroponic garden’s potential with Essentials Plus Calmag. This blend fortifies your plants during crucial vegetative growth phases or when a nutrient deficiency occurs, thanks to its impeccable mix of calcium, magnesium, iron, and nitrogen. Promising healthier cell walls, enhanced root development, and vibrant colour, Essentials Plus Calmag is your go-to solution for a thriving indoor garden. Its versatile formula is compatible across all systems and mediums, making it a quintessential addition to your gardening regimen.

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Discover Growth Excellence with Essentials Plus Calmag: Your Reliable Hydroponic Companion

Essentials Plus Calmag is not merely a supplement; it’s a growth catalyst meticulously designed to bridge the nutritional gap and propel your indoor hydroponic garden to flourish abundantly. Available in convenient volumes of 250ml, 1L, and 5L, this formulation is a blend of crucial minerals, including calcium, magnesium, iron, and nitrogen, tailored for intensifying vegetative growth, especially during prolonged phases or when a deficiency is apparent.

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Holistic Plant Health: Fortify your plants with Essentials Calmag to promote robust health, vigorous growth, and vibrant colour. It’s a nutrient powerhouse that enhances cell wall strength, root development, and overall plant vitality.
  • Mineral Deficiency Correction: This formula is proficient in rectifying mineral deficiencies, which can be a common hiccup in hydroponic gardening, ensuring your plants are always at their nutritional best.
  • Versatile Usability: Designed for seamless integration, use Essentials Calmag in any system and with any medium, a testament to its adaptability.
  • Complementary Nutrient Support: It’s a formula that works in harmony with all primary nutrients, making it a reliable addition to your nutrient regimen.

How Does This Product Work?

Essentials Calmag embarks on a mission to provide a balanced dose of calcium, magnesium, iron, and nitrogen—fundamental elements, each playing a significant role in plant growth and health. Calcium is instrumental for robust cell walls and root development, which are crucial for nutrient uptake and overall plant stability. Magnesium, a building block for chlorophyll, plays a pivotal role in photosynthesis, the process through which plants harness light energy. Iron, acting as an enzyme cofactor, significantly contributes to photosynthesis and a deficiency could hamper growth. Lastly, nitrogen, a cornerstone for growth and biomass production, fuels the formation of chlorophyll, ensuring a lush, healthy appearance.

How Do I Use Essentials Plus Calmag?

Incorporating Essentials Calmag into your hydroponic routine is straightforward. With a usage rate of 1ml/L alongside your primary nutrients, its design allows for hassle-free application. It’s advisable to check the EC (Electrical Conductivity) level of your nutrient solution post-addition, as Essentials Calmag will elevate it. Subsequently, ensure the pH level ranges between 5.8 and 6.5 for optimal nutrient absorption.

  • Vitalink Silicon Max: This superior silicon supplement aids in building more robust plant cell walls, which subsequently leads to strong plant structures capable of bearing the weight of dense foliage and fruits. When used alongside Essentials Plus Calmag, the duo works to foster a conducive environment for vigorous growth, enhanced resistance to pests and diseases, and better resilience in fluctuating conditions typical in hydroponic setups.
  • Aqua Master Combo Pen P110 Pro: A quintessential tool for any serious hydroponic gardener, the Aqua Master Combo Pen P110 Pro enables precise monitoring of pH, EC, and temperature, ensuring your nutrient solution is always at its optimal state. Paired with the accurate dosing of Essentials Plus Calmag, maintaining a balanced nutrient solution becomes a streamlined process, fostering a thriving hydroponic garden.
  • Ecothrive Neutralise: An instant water conditioner, Ecothrive Neutralise is adept at negating the effects of chlorine and chloramine, ensuring your water is safe for plants. By using Neutralise, you prepare your water to interact harmoniously with Essentials Plus Calmag, ensuring that the minerals are readily available for plant uptake without the interference of harmful chemicals.
  • Syringes and Pipettes: Precision is vital in hydroponic gardening, and with the use of syringes and pipettes, administering Essentials Calmag becomes an accurate and easy task. Precise dosing ensures that your plants receive the correct amount of nutrients, promoting healthy growth and preventing issues related to over or under-feeding.

Each of these recommendations plays a vital role in a comprehensive hydroponic gardening strategy. When used in conjunction, they streamline the process of maintaining a healthy, nourishing environment for your plants, ensuring that your garden thrives and yields bountifully.

How can I buy Essentials Plus Calmag?

You can easily buy Essentials Plus Calmag from our website by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu.

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