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Dutchpro Calmag is a highly concentrated formula used to fight and prevent Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies and boost chlorophyll production in plants.

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Dutchpro Calmag is a highly concentrated formula. Primarily its used to fight and prevent Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies as well as boost chlorophyll production in plants.

Calmag contains Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg) which are two vital macro-elements fundamental to plant growth and development. A deficiency in either element can result in underdevelopment.

Growers located in areas with soft water may identify lower Calcium and Magnesium levels. Calmag provides plants with the correct balance of minerals and elements to harden soft water. It will also raise EC levels to boost plant health vitality.

A plant uses Calcium throughout its entire system for multiple processes during its life. Calmag uses the Calcium help plants form cell wall structures. A plant’s growth stage is where Calcium is vitally important as it regulates the cells and helps the plant stabilise.

A plant will transport nutrients via their xylem and sieve vessels. Most nutrients can use both routes, but Calcium, for the most part, only uses the xylem vessel. Therefore, the plant must receive sufficient Calcium in its root environment to be available for continuous absorption.

Magnesium is an indispensable ingredient for plants, and it provides the building blocks for chlorophyll, making it essential for photosynthesis. Magnesium plays a pivotal role in plants’ energy transfer, absorbing energy from sunlight to create sugars. Together with Calcium this influences the water hardness of tap water.

Calmag’s high concentration helps prevent Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies, enabling your plants to develop and grow to their optimum best.

Key Features:

  • Calmag facilitates multiple vital plant functions, including Chlorophyll production.
  • It is a highly-concentrated source of Calcium and Magnesium, essential for your plants’ development.
  • This product improves the translocation of critical nutrients.
  • Calmag improves yield and harvest quality.

Calmag is perfect for hydroponic growers looking for an all-important Calcium and Magnesium boost to help their plant health.

Fill your nutrient reservoir before mixing the product at 0.1 to 1ml per litre. Utilise throughout the plant lifecycle as required.

How Can I Buy Dutchpro Calmag?

You can easily buy Dutchpro Calmag from our website.

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