Loft Grow Tent LED Kit 100x100x160cm


Step into a lush rooftop retreat with the Loft Grow Tent LED Kit 100x100x160cm. This kit includes a Pitched Roof Grow Tent, Elite Quantum EQ1000LED Grow Light, an Air Extraction Kit, and Round Fabric Pots and plastic saucers, all designed for hydroponic enthusiasts. The synergy of these components ensures an optimal growth environment for your greens right in your loft. The ease of setup paired with cost-saving bundled components makes this kit a prudent choice for urban gardeners keen on a green escape amidst the clouds.

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Discover the Pinnacle of Urban Gardening with the Loft Grow Tent LED Kit 100x100x160cm

Transform the untouched recesses of your loft into a thriving green sanctuary with our Loft Grow Tent LED Kit 100x100x160cm. This meticulously curated kit is a treasure trove of top-notch components, encapsulating everything you need to kickstart your hydroponic gardening journey amidst the clouds. Tailored to nestle within your loft space snugly, the pitched roof design of the tent is a nod to space efficiency while ensuring an optimal growth environment for your greens.

Unveil the Green Maestro’s Toolkit:

Here’s a closer look at the powerhouse components awaiting you in this kit:

  • Pitched Roof Grow Tent (100 x 100 x 160cm): A haven crafted with tough fabric, it boasts a 95% reflective lining and quality zippers with light-proofing cover flaps both inside and out. The ventilation panels adorned with bug screens and velcro covers, coupled with hanging rails for your light and air system, are just a prelude to its thoughtful design. The duct and cable entry points with drawstring fasteners and a removable water-proof fabric drip-tray bottom insert are the cherries on top.
  • Elite EQ1000 LED Grow Light: Immerse your greens in a sun-like full spectrum courtesy of high-efficiency white light quantum boards embedded with Samsung LM301B diodes. The sleek design, coupled with a power usage of a mere 105w, brings forth a luminary genius ready to cater to all growth stages of your indoor plants. With a dimmable range of 0% to 100%, tailor the light intensity to the whims of your greens.
  • Air Extraction Kit:
    • Cyclone Twin-speed Air Extraction Fan (4 “): Command the breeze with a flick, thanks to its two-speed control. With 4 meters of cable wired to a UK plug, refreshing your greens is just a plug away.
    • Fox Carbon Filter (100mm x 300mm): Packed with Australian-mined RC412 activated carbon, it’s your sentinel against impurities, ensuring every breath your plants take is a purifying sigh.
    • Aluminium Ducting (4″, 5-metre): A conduit for fresh breath, its flexible wire spiral enclosed in a multi-ply aluminium foil wall is both hard-wearing and flexible.
    • Duct Clips: Your trusty aides in securing the ducting, ensuring a seamless airflow.
  • Grow Bitz Lightweight Plastic Rope Ratchets: Suspend your air system and lights securely with these durable ratchets, designed for a hassle-free setup.
  • RAM 6″ Clip-on Air Circulation Fan: A whisper of freshness, this 2-speed fan with an adjustable head and sturdy clips is ready to circulate euphoria across every leaf.
  • Round Fabric Pots (15L): Your plants’ abode, these pots employ the “air-pruning” technique to encourage a dense, fibrous radial root system, ensuring robust growth.
  • Round Black Deep Saucers: Catch every droplet with these heavy-duty saucers, designed to keep your garden tidy while reducing the risk of water damage.

How Does This Product Work?

The Loft Grow Tent Kit is your blueprint for a self-contained roofspace garden. The pitched roof tent encapsulates your greens, providing a controlled environment. The Elite EQ1000 LED Grow Light showers them with the perfect spectrum of light, promoting efficient photosynthesis. The air extraction and circulation system ensures a refreshing airflow, while the fabric pots and saucers provide a nurturing abode for your plants.

How Do I Use This Product?

  1. Assemble Your Tent: Erect the tent within your loft space, ensuring it’s secure.
  2. Illuminate: Hang the Elite EQ1000 LED Grow Light using the provided fixtures.
  3. Breathe Easy: Install the Air Extraction Kit and clip on the RAM Air Circulation Fan to ensure a fresh breeze.
  4. Plant: Nestle your plants within the Fabric Pots, place them in the saucers, and watch them thrive.

Bundle Up the Green Way: Why the Loft Grow Tent Kit is a Wise Choice.

Embarking on your hydroponic gardening adventure with the Loft Grow Tent Kit is akin to having a seasoned green thumb guiding you through the initial steps. This bundled kit is not just a collection of components but a harmoniously curated ensemble, ready to unfold into a thriving green space at the heart of your loft. Here are the compelling reasons why opting for this bundled kit is a wise and green choice:

  1. Synergy and Compatibility: We’ve been meticulous in choosing every component in this kit to complement one another. From the dimensions of the tent accommodating the light and air system seamlessly to the fabric pots and saucers fitting well within the tent, the synergy is undeniable. You’re not just buying parts; you’re investing in a well-orchestrated green assembly ready to function in harmony from the get-go.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Purchasing this kit is a savvy move for your pocket. Buying these components individually would see the costs piling up – but with this bundled kit, you enjoy a curated selection of top-notch items at a price that’s significantly lower than the cumulative cost of individual parts. It’s about intelligent saving while not compromising on quality.
  3. Convenience and Time-Saving: Time is of the essence, especially when you are eager to see your seeds sprout and greens flourish. Scouring through myriad products, comparing specifications, and worrying about compatibility could be overwhelming and time-consuming. This kit eradicates those concerns, offering you a ready-to-assemble garden. Every component is paired for functionality and ease of setup, making your journey to a lush garden smooth and hassle-free.
  4. Quality Assurance: This bundled kit is a testament to quality. Each component, from the grow tent to the LED light, air extraction system, and even the fabric pots and saucers, screams durability and effectiveness. You are not just buying a kit; you’re investing in a quality-assured green future.
  5. Supporting Your Green Journey: With the Loft Grow Tent Kit, you do not have to figure things out alone. The thoughtfully curated components are your initial companions in this green journey. As you nurture your green thumb, this kit provides a solid foundation, making your gardening venture less daunting and more enjoyable.
  6. Future Expansion: As your love for hydroponic gardening blossoms, the solid foundation laid by this kit allows for straightforward expansions. The compatibility of these components with other advanced hydroponic equipment means your garden can grow and evolve, just like your plants.

In a nutshell, the Loft Grow Tent Kit is not merely a product; it’s a packaged garden, a green dream wrapped in a bundle, waiting to unfold into a lush reality in your loft space. It’s about making intelligent, convenient, and cost-effective choices on your journey to becoming a proud urban gardener.

How can I Buy a Loft Grow Tent LED Kit 100x100x160cm?

You can easily buy your Loft Grow Tent LED Kit 100x100x160cm from our online store.

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