Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit


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Elevate your indoor gardening with the Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit. Expertly designed for optimal plant growth, this kit combines a high-clearance Root!t Propagator Lid, a versatile Tray, and a 60-hole Insert for efficient propagation. Enjoy precise temperature control with a heat mat and thermostat, superior lighting from a 26W LED Grow Light, and the growth assurance of Clonex Gel. Perfect for beginners and pros alike, it’s the key to a thriving hydroponic garden.

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Unlock the Full Potential of Indoor Gardening with our Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit. This bundle is suitable for enthusiasts and professionals alike; it provides everything needed to start a thriving hydroponic garden. From the precision of Root!t products to the nurturing environment it creates, our kit is a game-changer for anyone serious about indoor gardening.

What’s Inside the Kit?

Our kit contains a selection of meticulously assembled products, ensuring that every stage of plant development is supported. It includes:

  1. Root!t Propagator Lid (High) 57x37x20cm: This high-quality, transparent polycarbonate lid is not just a cover; it’s a growth catalyst. Its adjustable vents and compatibility with Root!t LED Grow Lights make it a versatile choice for varying plant sizes and needs.
  2. Root!t Propagator Tray 57×35.5×5.5cm: Serving as the sturdy foundation of your propagation setup, this tray is designed to work seamlessly with the Root!t 60-Hole Insert Tray, accommodating various growing mediums.
  3. Root!t Propagator 60-Hole Insert Tray: Maximise your growing potential with this insert, allowing you to nurture up to 60 plants simultaneously.
  4. Root!t Hobby 30w Heat Mat Medium 60x40cm: Consistent temperature is vital in propagation, and this heat mat delivers just that, fostering a nurturing environment for seedlings.
  5. Root!t Heat Mat Thermostat: Gain control over your growing environment. This thermostat ensures that your seedlings are growing at the optimum temperature.
  6. Root!t Insulated Mat Medium 60x40cm: Placed under the heat mat, this insulated mat ensures that heat goes where it’s needed most – towards your plants.
  7. Root!t 26w LED Grow Light: This energy-efficient light is tailored for propagation and vegetative stages, offering the perfect spectrum for young plants.
  8. Jiffy-7 Coco Coir Plugs (60 Decanted): These plugs are the epitome of convenience and effectiveness in seedling development.
  9. Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel 50ml: This gel is a secret weapon for robust root development, ensuring your cuttings transform into healthy plants.
  10. Scalpels (Pack of 10): Precision is vital in propagation, and these scalpels offer just that for your cuttings.
  11. Nitrile Gloves Box of 100: Safety first – these gloves ensure you handle all components of the kit safely, especially when dealing with growth supplements like Clonex Gel.

Tailored for Excellence in Propagation

Each component of the Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit is there to ensure optimal plant growth. Here’s why this kit stands out:

  1. Enhanced Plant Growth: The Root!t Propagator Lid, with its adjustable vents and capability to house LED grow lights, creates an ideal micro-environment. This controlled setting is vital for germinating seeds and rooting cuttings, ensuring they get the best start.
  2. Efficient Use of Space: The 60-hole Insert Tray maximises your growing area, allowing you to propagate up to 60 plants at once. This efficient use of space is crucial for those with limited room but a desire to grow multiple plants.
  3. Optimal Temperature Control: The combination of the Root!t Heat Mat and Thermostat maintains a consistent, ideal temperature, crucial for young plants’ development. The insulated mat further ensures efficient heat utilisation.
  4. Superior Lighting Solution: The Root!t 26w LED Grow Light, with its specific spectrum, caters perfectly to the needs of propagating plants. Quality lighting is essential for healthy growth and development, especially in the crucial early stages.
  5. Environmentally Friendly Mediums: The Jiffy-7 Coco Coir Plugs are not only practical but also eco-friendly. They provide an excellent medium for seedlings and cuttings, ensuring healthy root development.
  6. Precision and Safety in Handling: The inclusion of sharp, precise scalpels and protective nitrile gloves speaks to the kit’s commitment to both effectiveness and safety when it comes to plant handling and propagation.

A Seamless Process for Thriving Plants

The synergy of the kit’s components creates a seamless process for plant propagation. Start by setting up the tray and lid and placing the heat mat and insulated mat underneath. Insert the 60-hole Tray filled with Jiffy-7 Coco Coir Plugs. Apply Clonex Gel to your cuttings for enhanced root development, and place them in the plugs. Set the thermostat to the ideal temperature and arrange the LED Grow Lights to the propagator lid or above. Regular monitoring and minor adjustments ensure the success of your indoor garden.

Maximising Your Hydroponic Propagation Success

Using the Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit is straightforward, yet attention to detail can significantly enhance your results. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Setup: Begin by placing the Root!t Insulated Mat on a flat surface. This mat acts as a thermal barrier, ensuring the heat direction is upwards. Place the Heat Mat on the Insulated Mat, followed by the Propagator Tray.
  2. Temperature Regulation: Connect the Heat Mat to the Root!t Heat Mat Thermostat. Set the desired temperature to create an ideal environment for germination and rooting. This precision control is crucial for sensitive young plants.
  3. Preparing the Growth Medium: Insert the Jiffy-7 Coco Coir Plugs into the 60-hole Insert Tray. These plugs are prepped for immediate use, offering a nurturing medium for your seeds or cuttings.
  4. Planting: If you’re working with cuttings, dip them into the Clonex Rooting Hormone Gel before placing them into the plugs. This step enhances root development, providing a healthy foundation for your plants.
  5. Lighting Setup: Install the Root!t 26w LED Grow Lights above the propagator. The light spectrum is ideal for the vegetative stage, promoting healthy growth.
  6. Monitoring and Maintenance: Regularly check the moisture level of the plugs and the overall humidity and temperature inside the propagator. Adjustments might be necessary to maintain optimal growing conditions.
  7. Progression to Larger Systems: Once your seedlings or cuttings have established roots, they can be transferred to larger hydroponic systems, continuing their growth journey.

Tips for Success

  • Consistent Monitoring: Regular checks are essential. Adjust lighting, temperature, and humidity as needed.
  • Cleanliness is Crucial: Always use sterile tools and wear gloves when handling cuttings to prevent contamination.
  • Patience Pays Off: Propagation is a delicate process. Give your plants the time they need to establish themselves.

Check out the Root!t website which has tons of useful information about propagation here.

To further elevate your hydroponic gardening experience, consider incorporating these products alongside your Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit. Each item complements and enhances the overall effectiveness of your hydroponic system.

  1. Growth Technology Formulex: This nutrient solution is ideal for seedlings and young plants. Formulex provides a balanced range of essential nutrients in a format easily absorbable by young roots. It is beneficial when transferring your seedlings from the propagation kit to a more extensive hydroponic system.
  2. Growth Technology Liquid Silicon: Adding this to your nutrient solution strengthens your plants’ cell walls, enhancing their resistance to pests and environmental stresses. It’s a crucial addition to ensuring the robustness of your plants as they grow.
  3. Essentials pH Down 30%: Maintaining the correct pH level in your hydroponic system is vital for nutrient uptake. This product helps you adjust and stabilise the pH, ensuring your plants receive the full benefits of the nutrients provided.
  4. Root!t LED Light Stand: As your plants grow, proper lighting becomes increasingly essential. This stand allows you to position your Root!t 26w LED Grow Light optimally as your plants increase in size, ensuring even and effective light distribution.

These additional products not only aid in the initial stages of plant growth but also ensure continued success as your plants mature. They work seamlessly with the components of your Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit, creating an environment where your plants can thrive.

Start your hydroponic journey today with our Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit

The Complete Hydroponic Propagation Kit is more than just a collection of tools; it’s a comprehensive system designed to take the guesswork out of propagation and early plant growth. By providing a controlled environment, optimal lighting, and essential nutrients, this kit sets the foundation for a successful hydroponic garden. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, this kit offers the tools and technology to elevate your indoor gardening experience.

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