SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm


Elevate your indoor garden’s vitality with the SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm. Designed meticulously for 120x120cm grow tents, this bundle encapsulates a pair of SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Grow Lights and essential accessories, ensuring a harmonious, well-illuminated environment for your plants. Revel in the ease of precise light control with the included Magnetic Dimmers, and enjoy a clutter-free setup with streamlined connectivity. Your quest for lush, thriving vegetation finds its companion in this comprehensive lighting solution, making hydroponic gardening a seamless and fruitful endeavour.

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Illuminate Your Hydroponic Harvest with the SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm: Tailored Lighting Solution for 120x120cm Grow Tents.

Experience the Indoor hydroponic cultivation revolution with the SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm, engineered explicitly for optimising light conditions in a 120x120cm grow tent setup. This bundle encapsulates not just the essence of impeccable lighting but a seamless integration of accessories that accentuate the ease of managing your indoor garden.

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfectly Matched Lighting: The two SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Grow Lights in this bundle are designed to provide ample coverage and the ideal light spectrum for a 120x120cm grow tent, promoting robust plant growth and abundant yields.
  • Precision Light Control: The inclusion of two SANlight EVO Magnetic Dimmers empowers you to fine-tune the light intensity according to the varying growth stages of your plants, ensuring they receive the perfect amount of light at all times.
  • Effortless Connectivity: The pair of SANlight EVO Lamp to Lamp Lead 1-metre (Gen 2) and the SANlight EVO Power Distribution Block (Gen 2) eliminate the cable clutter, promoting a neat and organised setup.
  • Single-Socket Power Supply: The SANlight EVO Power Lead (Gen 2) facilitates the operation of the entire lighting setup from a single power socket, simplifying the installation process.

How does this product work?

The core of the SANlight EVO LED Bundle is the pair of EVO 5-120 LED Grow Lights, designed to envelop your 120x120cm grow tent in a blanket of balanced light, simulating natural sunlight to promote photosynthesis. The Magnetic Dimmers are your control knobs, letting you adjust the light intensity to match the needs of your plants through their growth cycles. The connectivity accessories, including the Lamp to Lamp Leads and Power Distribution Block, ensure a streamlined setup, reducing the time and effort in installation and management.

How do I use a SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm?

Setting up the SANlight EVO LED Bundle is a straightforward process. Begin with the installation of the EVO 5-120 LED Grow Lights in your grow tent. Each EVO 5-120 LED has a blue three-pin socket at the end, where the SANlight EVO Magnetic Dimmers are to be connected, one for each LED.

Next, utilise the SANlight Gen 2 Evo + Q-Series 1000mm Lamp to Lamp Leads to connect the LEDs to the SANlight EVO Power Distribution Block (Gen 2). In this setup, one lead will run from one LED to the H-Distribution Power Block, and the other lead will do the same from the other LED, resulting in a setup where the two LEDs interconnect with the H-Distribution Power Block positioned in the middle.

Lastly, connect the H-Distribution Power Block to your power socket using the SANlight Gen 2 Evo + Q-Series Power Lead. Now, your setup is complete and ready for operation. Using Magnetic Dimmers, you can now adjust the light intensity for each LED to ensure proper light for plant growth. This streamlined setup not only provides optimal lighting conditions but also promotes an organized and clutter-free grow space, setting the stage for a successful hydroponic cultivation journey.

Recommended Products:

  • BudBox Pro XL 120x120x200cm Grow Tent: This premium grow tent offers a sturdy, lightproof environment for your hydroponic setup. Its high-quality reflective interior maximises light distribution from the SANlight EVO LED Bundle, ensuring your plants receive adequate light for growth. Its spacious design comfortably accommodates the LED lights, dimmers, and other accessories, making it the perfect base for your indoor gardening project.
  • SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan: Efficient airflow is crucial in maintaining an ideal environment for plant growth. The SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan works in harmony with your lighting setup to regulate temperature and remove excess humidity, ensuring your plants remain in a conducive environment. Its robust performance enhances the effectiveness of the SANlight EVO LED Bundle by maintaining optimal conditions in your grow tent.
  • CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter: Keeping the air clean and odour-free is essential for a thriving hydroponic garden. The CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter integrates seamlessly with the SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan to filter out odours and purify the air circulating within your grow tent. Its effectiveness complements the performance of your lighting setup, creating a clean and conducive environment for your plants.
  • Combi Ducting 5m: This durable and flexible ducting solution facilitates efficient air circulation and extraction in tandem with the SystemAir RVK Extraction Fan and CarboAir 50 Carbon Filter. It’s essential for maintaining a fresh and temperature-regulated environment, ensuring the SANlight EVO LED Bundle operates under optimal conditions to support plant growth.
  • RAM Clip-on Air Circulation Fan: Proper air circulation is critical for preventing mould and distributing heat evenly throughout your growing space. The RAM Clip-on Air Circulation Fan complements the function of your extraction fan and carbon filter, promoting a well-ventilated and aerated environment, which in turn enhances the effectiveness of the SANlight EVO LED Bundle in promoting healthy plant growth.
  • RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier: Maintaining the correct humidity levels is pivotal for plant health. The RAM Ultrasonic Humidifier provides fine control over your grow tent’s humidity, ensuring it’s within the ideal range for hydroponic cultivation. By creating a balanced environment it allows the SANlight EVO LED Bundle to perform at its best, fostering lush, healthy plant growth.
  • The ExHale CO2 Bag: Enhance the ambiance of your hydroponic grow space with the ExHale CO2 Bag. This natural CO2 generator is a gardener’s ally in creating a flourishing indoor garden. As plants thrive on carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis process, having a consistent CO2 supply is crucial. The ExHale CO2 Bag releases carbon dioxide slowly and continuously into your grow tent, ensuring an enriched environment conducive to robust plant growth. When paired with the optimal lighting conditions provided by the SANlight EVO LED Bundle, your plants get to bask in the ideal balance of light and CO2. It’s the simplicity in setup and maintenance-free operation that makes the ExHale CO2 Bag a preferred choice among hydroponic enthusiasts. Say goodbye to complex CO2 systems and embrace the ease and effectiveness of natural CO2 generation with the ExHale CO2 Bag.

Each of these products works in harmony, creating a robust and efficient hydroponic growing environment. When paired with the SANlight EVO LED Bundle, they form a comprehensive setup aimed at maximising your hydroponic gardening success within the confines of the BudBox Pro XL 120x120x200cm Grow Tent.

The SANlight EVO LED Bundle is more than just a lighting solution; it’s the gateway to unlocking the fullest potential of your hydroponic gardening journey within a 120x120cm grow tent setup. This bundle is your partner in cultivating a thriving, vibrant, and abundant indoor garden.

For more information direct from the manufacturer, check out SANlight’s recommended setup page on their website.

How can I Buy a SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm?

You can easily buy your SANlight EVO LED Bundle 120x120cm from our online store.

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