Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L


Canna Terra Professional Plus is the ultimate growing medium for plant cultivation, developed primarily for indoor grow-rooms to promote healthy root development.

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Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L is the ultimate growing medium for plant cultivation, developed primarily for indoor grow rooms to promote healthy root development.

Terra Professional Plus has several features and benefits, and those are as follows:

  • It combines the perfect composition and dose for growers to achieve higher yields and a bountiful harvest.
  • It helps plants remain disease and pest free.
  • Terra nutrients feature rapid absorption, which is especially beneficial for plants with growth phases occurring in quick succession.
  • Rapid absorption is easier for the plant, allowing it to concentrate on development and growth, producing better flowers and fruits.
  • Terra Professional is easy to use and ideal for first-time or inexperienced growers.

How does it Work?

Terra Professional Plus combines peat moss for aeration and various tree bark with beneficial antiseptic action; both ingredients promote exceptional root growth and thicker stem development and optimise air and water levels in the growing medium.

This growing medium improves your plants’ production levels by increasing their metabolic rate; this ensures low sickness levels and creates healthier plant growth. Plants are provided additional protection by the trace elements and chelates contained within.

Terra Professional Plus is pH adjusted to maximise long-term control with a lime charge sufficient to last an entire growth cycle. The mineral nutrient starter charge adjusts nutrients’ initial levels up to a good beginning and corrects the ratios when used with other products from the Canna Terra range.

Experienced growers will attest to the benefits of combining this substrate with Canna’s base nutrients; Terra Vega for the vegetative phase and Terra Flores for the plant’s bloom stages.

How to Use?

Loosen the product before using it to fill your pots. Compress slightly and add water until it starts to drain through the pot. You can now begin planting.

The growing phase, growing conditions and pot size all affect how much water to give your plant. Typically, an adult plant requires 4 to 6 litres (per m2) of daily moisture.

Larger plants require larger pots to produce a more consistent root environment. Try to use pots of at least 5 litres in capacity.

When using run-to-waste systems, ensure sufficient drainage by placing a thin layer of hydro granules at the pot base.

Terra Professional Plus is a natural product and is free from soil diseases and viruses that harm plants; its sophisticated structure creates an ideal environment for many forms of cultivation. It is already lightly pre-fertilised and chalked, making it pH balanced with an EC level of one.

Recycle Canna Terra Professional by using it as a potting mix stimulant and store it in a cool, dry place (4°C or more)

How can I buy Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L?

You can easily buy Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L from our website.

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