Atami Cocos Substrate


Atami Cocos Substrate is a premier, 100% natural compost made from coconut mesocarp fibres. Crafted in the Netherlands, this RHP-certified product is ideal for hydroponic setups. It includes an optimum pH, nutrients for the first week, and an airy structure for robust root growth. Pre-washed, steamed, and buffered, it offers excellent water retention and oxygen supply, ensuring your plants develop sturdily. Experience the difference with Atami’s high-quality substrate today!

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Atami Cocos Substrate

Atami Cocos Substrate is a top-quality compost made of coco fibres taken from the mesocarp of the coconut.

This 100% natural product is ideal for use as a substrate in any hydroponic setup as it includes several valuable features and attributes, including:

  • It contains an RHP quality mark guaranteeing an excellent quality
  • The coconut fibres are washed, steamed and buffered, ensuring an optimum growing substrate
  • Includes nutrition for the 1st week of the growth cycle
  • After week one, you may add water and liquid fertiliser with stimulators for the best results
  • It has the perfect structure to retain the nutrient solution easily
  • Nutrients are then easily absorbed by the plants’ roots
  • Coconut substrate remains quite airy, so plant roots get plenty of oxygen
  • The plant develops a robust root system and develops sturdily

How does Atami Cocos Substrate work?

This substrate has an open, airy structure, which promotes rapid and robust root systems. It comes pre-washed and steamed to free it from any salts and pathogens.

It contains a light fertiliser and is unique in this. This internal fertiliser contributes to the plants’ accelerated growth in the first week. The product is pre-buffered, so you have much greater control over the pH.

This product works well with seeds and cuttings because cocos are an excellent retainer of nutritious water, which your plant’s root system can readily absorb. The substrate will also remain light, causing the plant’s roots to get much more oxygen. Because of this, your plants will grow healthy and robust root systems and continue to thrive.

This product has RHP certification, which is the Dutch horticultural quality mark and your guarantee and assurance that this product always contains nothing but top-quality ingredients and that they carry a low risk of pests and disease.

How do I use this substrate?

This substrate is a top-quality compost product made mainly of coco (coconut) fibre; it’s 100% natural, and you can use it immediately because it’s pre-washed, steamed and buffered.

If you use this with manual water dispensing, do it daily and in combination with enriched water.

For an automatic process, set this to happen between 1 and 8 times every day, again in combination with enriched water.

The dosage is to work to a proportion of between 1 and 5 litres of nutrient solution per square metre of substrate per day for your adult plants.

Monitor your plants during their growth process to check that they’re healthy and to adjust the dosage accordingly.

For more information regarding the benefits of using Coco Coir, check out our article on the advantages of Coco Coir.


  • pH (H2O): 6.0 (+/- 0.5)
  • EC (1: 1.5 H2O VV)
  • Organic matter: >85% (from dry matter)
  • Weight: 17.5 kg
  • Moisture content: <85%
  • Volume: 50 litres (EN12580)
  • Water capacity (PF1): 9.0 g / g (+ / – 1)
  • Air content (PF1): 20%
  • Produced in the Netherlands
  • RHP approved.

How do I buy Atami Cocos Substrate?

You can buy Atami Cocos Substrate without difficulty from our website.

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