Trimbag Dry Trimmer


The Trimbag Dry Trimmer is an innovative and easy way to remove excess leaves from dried produce by simply shaking these off in a few simple passes.

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Trimbag Dry Trimmer

The Trimbag Dry Trimmer is an innovative and easy way to remove excess leaves from dried produce by simply shaking these off in a few simple passes. 

This time-saving product leaves you more time to tend your plants and saves you plenty of potential finger aches and scissor blisters. You’ll be able to take all the strain out of trimming by using this product for easy and quick leaf and dead matter removal.

The Dry Trimmer is highly recommended for use in hydroponic growing setups, mainly where the product contains extraneous or unwanted matter or lots of leaf material.

This product incorporates a good number of beneficial features and benefits, including these:

  • Results in your end product being perfectly intact and free of leaves
  • Trims all your produce in minutes and not hours
  • Has quality zip fastening with a heavy-duty fabric lining for many years of trimming
  • It makes use of two compartments split by an internal screen
  • Complete with a convenient carrying bag for storage and trimming wherever you take it
  • Straightforward and lightweight styling
  • Easy to keep clean and tidily folds away after use
  • It has no moving parts or perishable components or blades, etc.

How Does The Trimbag Dry Trimmer Work?

The Trimbag Dry Trimmer works by friction and has no moving parts. Produce will have extraneous leaf material removed by rotating around the product’s fabric drum. 

The gentle friction this causes has the effect of breaking off dry leaf matter during each pass or rotation – approximately 15 to 20 such spins are needed to get rid of leaves or similar unwanted material. This process leaves you with two piles of resultant material after it has gone through the product’s internal screen; one of these is waste leaf matter, and the other is your flowers or other produce utterly free of leaves. 

The friction action will remove the leaf matter but keeps the vast majority of the plants’ essential oils intact, thereby preserving the very best of your produce while cutting down the laborious workload that users would otherwise have to undertake.
The product also features a convenient carrying bag for easy storage when folded flat or transported to and from the growing area(s).

How to Use?

The Dry Trimmer will only work with very well dried produce which is pretty solid and dense. Any product that is slightly damp or ‘fluffy’ won’t be able to benefit from the product’s trimming process because it relies on friction to break away dead leaf material. Place this dried matter within the main compartment and zip it up. Then rotate the product clockwise and then anti-clockwise quite quickly, doing this an average of 15 to 20 times. 

When these rotations are complete, you should place the bag down with its logo the right way up and shake it again. This final shake will help guide the leaf material through the integral screen and into the collection compartment below it. Then you can unzip the smaller compartment into a small tray to dispose of it and zip it back up – then unzip the larger section and empty the trimmed and finished product into a container ready for curing.
To keep the product’s bag clean, you should wipe with a clean, damp cloth and lubricate the zips with the supplied hemp oil after each trimming session.


  • 1 x Trimbag
  • 1 x 30ml Hemp oil (zipper lubrication)


  • Zipped and folded away – 54cm x 14cm
  • Unzipped and open – 54cm x 50cm


  • 4 kg

Where Do I Buy the Trimbag Dry Trimmer?

You can easily buy your Trimbag Dry Trimmer from our online store.

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