Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch

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The Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouches are a high-quality storage solution that keeps your products fresh and protected. They consist of a blend of high-barrier films; these pouches actively diffuse unwanted gasses and water vapour to maintain product weight, consistency, and freshness. With puncture resistance, odour protection, active humidity control, and UV protection, the Terploc Windowed Pouches are ideal for hydroponic storage and maintenance.

*Please note – the 1Lb size is an opaque windowless pouch.

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Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch: The Evolution in Packaging Solutions

Are you looking for a high-quality, durable, and effective solution to store and protect your contents? Look no further than Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch, the result of extensive research and design to maintain the optimal environment for your produce.

Features and Benefits of Using Grove Bags in a Hydroponic Setup:

  • High-barrier films for an ideal mould-free environment
  • Industrial strength layer for puncture resistance
  • Odour protection
  • Active diffusion of unwanted gasses and water vapour
  • Active humidity control
  • Neutral charge layer to prevent stripping of trichomes
  • The respiration process is slowed down by low oxygen levels. and prevent mould growth
  • UV-resistant and opaque packaging for protection from harmful UV rays
  • Simple and easy to use

How Does This Product Work?

Grove Bags combine different high-barrier films with essential permeability characteristics to provide the optimal environment for your contents. The film elements actively diffuse unwanted gasses and water vapour, forming a mould-free environment to maintain weight, consistency, and freshness.

An industrial strength layer is added for maximum puncture resistance, while a high barrier layer provides odour protection. Another layer works to diffuse oxygen and maintain low oxygen levels to slow the respiration process and prevent mould growth. 

The packaging also includes a layer for active humidity control and a neutral charge layer to prevent the stripping of trichomes.

The UV-resistant and opaque packaging provides superior protection from harmful UV rays, helping to preserve the freshness and quality of your contents.

How Do I Use This Product?

Using Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch is straightforward. Place your contents inside the pouch and close it securely. Store the pouch in a cool, dry place to maintain its optimal environment.

Using other products to enhance your hydroponic setup is good practice. These products can include growing media, nutrients & boosters, hydroponic lighting, climate control systems and pest control. By combining these products, you can ensure maximum growth, freshness, and consistency of your produce.

In conclusion, Grove Bags are the perfect solution for storing and protecting your crops. With their advanced blend of high-barrier films, active diffusion, and UV-resistant packaging, you can ensure your contents always stay in the ideal environment. 

Don’t wait any longer; try this product today and experience the evolution of packaging solutions.

How do I buy Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch?

You can easily buy Grove Bags Terploc Windowed Pouch from our online shop.

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