White Floor Secure Reflective Sheeting

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White Floor Secure Reflective Sheeting protects grow rooms from the ravages of water damage. It is non-ripping and heavy-duty to protect grow room floors.

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White Floor Secure Reflective Sheeting.

White Floor Secure Reflective Sheeting is a pragmatic solution to protect grow rooms from the ravages of water damage. It is non-ripping and heavy-duty to serve you better and protect any growing area or grow room floor to give growers ultimate peace of mind.

This product is made in the UK under strict quality control guidelines and is ideal for use in hydroponic grow rooms.

The thickness of this sheet can be measured in microns (mu). The higher the micron/gauge/millimetre number, the thicker the material. The gauge of any given material can be converted into microns by dividing it by 4. For example 100 gauge = 250mu.

How do I use this reflective sheeting?

This reflective material is top-quality white sheeting that protects all floors from water damage and sometimes devastating results. Because it is 250mu thick, it is naturally very difficult to puncture, so your floors will be kept quite safe. No water damage will ruin your efforts when you’ve installed this sheeting.

The chances of suffering water damage are often a high priority for anyone in the horticultural sector acquainted with the various pitfalls of the industry. Water damage can ruin an entire season’s work. This 250mu thick and non-rip sheeting is ideal if you want a permanent solution to protect the floor or floors in your hydroponic installation.

Floor Secure is thicker than conventional reflective sheeting (for example, Mylar), which goes on the wall. It is durable and strong enough to walk on and do any activities consistent with your daily growing tasks.

This product will prevent you from worrying about the expensive results of water damage should a leak happen somewhere in your indoor garden or hydroponic setup. The results of such a leak can be bad enough in a house, where carpets, rugs or laminate flooring may suffer water damage. If you’re based in a flat, though, such a leak can be completely disastrous and could become the source of legal action by the people living below.

Manufactured in the UK to excellent high standards, it’s classified as “food grade” so that it’s safe for any organic materials, including your plants. Cheap sheeting may well contain material that breaks down when exposed to intense lights used in hydroponics and similar growing methods. This weakens the sheet and can release gas into the growing area, proving toxic.

But you can be assured that this sheeting is guaranteed to be non-gassing and completely safe. It’s non-ripping and can stand up to intensive scrubbing between grows. You can return it to its almost new condition with a good clean.

How do I use this reflective sheeting?

You should always make sure that the plastic doesn’t have any holes for the water to leak through and leave a rim around the perimeter of your room so if a leak does occur, the water won’t be able to get around the sheet. It’s recommended that this rim be around 10cm tall or thereabouts.

Check out our grow tips article about setting up grow tents in a hydroponics system for more information.

Where can I buy White Floor Secure Reflective Sheeting?

You can easily buy White Floor Secure Reflective Sheeting from our website.

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