Silver Cloth Tape


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Silver Cloth Tape

Silver Cloth Tape is a versatile, durable, waterproof adhesive tape ideal for fixing multiple items in your grow space.

This cloth tape is invaluable when you need to fix hydroponic equipment and growing room items in place, and it has several handy attributes, and these include:

  • Highly-adhesive cloth-backed material
  • Its cloth-backed construction makes it robust, durable and flexible
  • The hard-wearing design of the tape means rips and tears occur less frequently
  • Straightforward to use and clean
  • Water-resistant to suit all grow room conditions
  • Ideal for many hydroponic uses
  • Works equally well indoors and out

How does this Duct Tape work?

This Cloth Duct Tape is ideal for multiple grow room applications, such as fixing items in place or connecting poles and frames to one another. It can work effectively to repair any small splits or cracks around your growing environment and is a handy product to have on hand should any tears appear in your tent fabric.

Its single-sided cloth tape and incredibly adhesive, so you can have confidence using it for securing items in place. Because it’s waterproof, you can use it indoors and outdoors, and in grow room conditions with water spillages or humidity, it will remain in position.

How do I use this waterproof cloth tape?

Before using any cloth tape, you should ensure that all the surfaces you plan to use it on are clean, dry and free of dust.

It’s an invaluable tool for emergency repairs to ventilation ducting or fixing joins in your grow room floor sheeting.

Layout the floor sheeting and use this product to connect the sheeting seamlessly, ensuring that you fill in gaps between one sheet and another. Silver cloth tape can attach all sorts of items to grow tents or wooden frames and any use that demands robust adhesion to make a reliable join.


This product is available in 50-metre rolls and is 50mm wide.

Where do I buy Silver Cloth Tape?

You can easily buy Silver Cloth Tape from our online store.

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