Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting


Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting is the perfect solution to enhance indoor plant growth. It reflects up to 94% of available light, allowing your plants to receive optimal lighting for development. This high-quality product is a must-have for any indoor gardener looking to maximise their yields.

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Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting.

Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting has developed a reputation as the best quality reflective sheeting available. It reflects 94% of light across the total visible spectrum and performs consistently well for all light wavelengths relevant to plant stimulation or behaviour. No light escapes, and all reflected light retains its colour wavelength so that no colour shift or iridescence can occur at any stage.

This product is ideal for use in hydroponic growing setups as it offers many interesting qualities and attributes, and these include:

  • 100% light-tight so that it prevents light from leaking from your growing space
  • Micro-fibre technology engenders a truly diffuse reflection
  • Considered to be the best reflective sheeting on the market today
  • 94% reflectivity rate across the entire visible light spectrum
  • Markedly lowers the incidence of hotspots compared with Mylar or PET-coated sheeting
  • Known to reflect light very uniformly and regardless of the angle of incidence
  • Ultraviolet light stable: it doesn’t yellow, so it maintains excellent light-reflecting properties
  • A thickness of 280 microns makes it puncture and tear-resistant
  • Very easy to hang and also clean without damaging it
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable; it doesn’t contain any plasticisers, halogens or VOCs
  • It prevents mould and algae growth which are the scourge of cheaper film sheeting
  • Cleanable and washable with ordinary household cleaners
  • There is no colour shift or iridescence of reflected light
  • Durable, tough, thick and crease-resistant

How does this reflective sheeting work?

This product is the best-performing reflective sheeting in the sector. No light energy from your grow lamps goes to waste when you use this product.

This sheeting is different to other kinds of reflective sheeting available today. It is matt-white and made from threads of high-density specialist plastic, bonded together to create a highly unique surface. These microscopic fibres can diffuse light across the surface of the film extremely efficiently, thus creating an astoundingly bright and even glowing effect.

Because this light reflects uniformly, it eradicates unwanted hotspots (often caused by reflected light). This product reflects more light energy than any other reflective sheeting and doesn’t change the wavelength of any of the light it reflects. It is light-tight and may be used to stop light leaks from growing spaces comprehensively.

The nanotechnology used in this product reflects light evenly and uniformly, irrespective of the angle of the light. It has an isotropic surface luminescence which reduces the incidence of hotspots and does not need to be flat to achieve this. It is straightforward to use.

This product produces and preserves more usable light and more lux than any competitor. Manufactured to the highest specifications, Orca Grow Film blocks ultra-violet light. It’s non-yellowing, totally waterproof, puncture and tear-resistant, and contains no halogens, VOCs, or plasticisers.

The product’s nanostructure presents a combination of very high reflectivity and accurate, diffuse reflection. This combination is powerful in its results, rendering PET and other grow films obsolete.

How do I use this reflective sheeting?

This reflective sheeting may be put anywhere in the growing area where you think it could benefit, including on walls and suspended from the ceiling.
It works anywhere you want the light reflecting towards your plants and over your windows to prevent light from escaping from your growing area. It is less affected by creases and rucks than any other reflective sheeting.

Combine this sheeting with Orca Grow Film Seam Tape for optimal performance and results.


This product is 1.37m wide and available in 10m rolls.

Where can I buy Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting?

You can buy Orca Grow Film Reflective Sheeting from our website.

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