GrowMax Pro 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter


The GrowMax Pro 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter System is what hydroponic growers need if they live in an area of hard water.

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GrowMax Pro 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter

The GrowMax Pro 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter System is what hydroponic growers need if they live in an area of hard water.

To determine the type of water in your region, click the following link and enter your postcode.

This clever system uses reverse osmosis (sometimes called RO) to remove up to 95% of all salts, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, and the more volatile organic contaminants. This product also eliminates up to 99% of chlorine and assorted sediments.

This Reverse Osmosis Filter is ideal for hydroponic growing systems functioning in hard water areas, and it has numerous worthwhile features and attributes, including the following:

  • Perfect for use with misting and humidifying equipment
  • Eliminates 95% of the salts present in tap water
  • Environmentally friendly coconut carbon filters with improved absorption attributes
  • Ideal for reducing your water’s hardness as it lowers EC
  • Assists in preserving microbial activity in soil for far better yields
  • It helps prevent limescale building up on your equipment
  • Assists in creating nutrient solutions which have a more stable pH
  • Cartridges will last six months before needing to be replaced
  • Able to remove hazardous heavy metals
  • It makes use of 1/4 inch pipe and fittings

How does the Pro 3000 System work?

This Reverse Osmosis Filter System does a great job of removing chemicals and contaminants, as well as 95% of mineral salts which cause the hardness of the local water. The water this system produces is perfect for use with humidifiers and misting equipment, as it doesn’t leave any powdery residue behind and thereby preserves the well-being of your equipment.

Using reverse osmosis water has three key benefits:

  1. It removes the chlorine and lets the soil biosphere flourish, which is especially useful if you use bacterial or microbial additives, the friendly bacteria to which growers are increasingly turning.

It provides a stable pH. Reverse osmosis water has a pH of around 6.5, which is a good starting point for most plants.
  3. It allows for more accurate control of fertilisation. By getting rid of the background EC of your local tap water, you’ll be delivering your plants a much more balanced nutrient solution.

This product’s filters last about 25,000 litres or six months, whichever is the soonest. The replacement membrane will also need changing approximately every nine months or so.

How do I use this RO System?

The Pro 3000 RO Filter System is easy to use, and the assembly is intuitive.

Firstly you should install the cold water supply valve and the drain adapter. You should then make the necessary tubing connections and install the Reserve Osmosis assembly. That’s all there is to it. You only need to put this into operation to make it start to work.


Included in the package:

  • Green Coconut Carbon Filter
  • 2 x GPD Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Inlet Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge
Filter Wrench 3/8″
Inline Ball Valve Shut-off
Garden Hose Connector (3/4″ BSP to 3/8″ tubing)
  • 3m 1/2″ White Tubing
  • 3m 3/8″ Blue tubing
  • 3m 3/8″ black tubing

Water conditions:

  • Temperature: 30ºC
  • Pressure: Min. 4 kg Max. 6 kg
  • Quality (500 TDS or PPM)
  • Other conditions can reduce the water production
  • Replacement cartridges every six months

Where Can I Buy The GrowMax Pro 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter System?

You can buy the GrowMax Pro 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter System without difficulty from our online store.

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