IWS R-DWC Pro System

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The IWS R-DWC Pro System with 25mm Flexi-pipe provides rapid and uniform plant growth in a very easy-to-use way. With this, you have the advantages of quicker nutrient uptake and better growth with healthier roots.

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IWS R-DWC Pro System

The IWS R-DWC Pro System with 25mm Flexi-pipe provides rapid and uniform plant growth in a very easy-to-use way. With this, you have the advantages of quicker nutrient uptake and better growth with healthier roots.

This kit is perfect as the basis of a DWC hydroponic growing system as it incorporates some handy qualities and attributes, including the following:

  • Made by Intelligent Watering Systems, a leading UK hydroponics systems manufacturer
  • Provided with extra-large 25mm IWS Pro Flexi-pipe
  • Nutrients drain back to the reservoir quicker than using a regular 16mm Flexi-pipe
  • It saves a lot of time as you only need to mix only one set of nutrients for many bubblers
  • Option of selecting a 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24-pot system
  • Ensures that nutrients are evenly mixed
  • Superb quality at an affordable price
  • Provided with a Flexi-tank for storage and portability
  • Significantly lowers the risks of encountering blockages
  • Promotes fast rates of growth by highly oxygenating roots
  • Intelligent Brain Pot with integrated Grasslin timer handles topping up each bubbler
  • Very versatile because of its modular design

How Does this System Work?

This system saves you a lot of effort and time and delivers fantastic plant growth rates. Each of the bubblers is connected to the IWS control unit and the Flexi-tank so that you can manage several plants simultaneously and from one location.

These systems give your plants high levels of O2 via their airstones, guaranteeing them vibrant health. The Pro version has a 25mm pipe which drains considerably faster than the 16mm standard size, radically reducing the incidence and risk of blockages.

Deep Water Culture is a popular hydroponic growing method where the plant’s roots suspend in their net pots over a highly oxygen-infused nutrient solution in a “bubbler”.

DWC requires less growing medium (only a small number of clay pebbles is necessary to support root growth in the net pot); therefore, waste is minimal. The plants’ root systems can thrive in this highly oxygenated water and produce outstanding results every time with excellent increases in yields.

When you have a large number of bubblers, the nutrient solution can be subject to changes quickly, so checks and maintenance can be a bit troublesome as each unit needs individual attention. But these kits solve such problems by connecting each bubbler to a Flexi tank.

A float switch determines when to fill, then empty and top up each of the bubblers following a pre-programmed schedule. You don’t have to look after separate containers anymore; you make up the nutrient solution for the system’s reservoir and let the brain work out the rest.

Nutrients are drawn back to the reservoir tank for lengths of time at different times each day so that the nutrient solution is correctly mixed and uniformly spread across each of the bubblers all the time.

The difference with the Pro system is that they come with 25mm pipe and associated fittings. With this larger piping, you can drain nutrients back to the reservoir quicker, reducing the length of time the plant’s roots need to go without any nutrient solution. These drain times are significant on systems which have larger numbers of pots.

Using this larger pipework also assists in preventing blockages from occurring and reduces the chances of a problem.

Discover more on this subject by reading our growing advice article, “The Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System“.

How Do I Use This System?

This system is straightforward to assemble and use. You’ll need a sharp knife or scissors, a spanner and a suitable container of hot (not boiling) water to soften the ends of the piping so that it’s easier to fit over and onto the tee, elbow and straight connectors. You should know that the control unit and bubblers need to be on the same level surface; otherwise, the product may either underfill or overfill the pots.

Assembling the Flexi-tank is a quick and easy process. You unfold and open up the waterproof outer, put in the supporting poles and then install the feet to the base of each pole.

Never refill the tank while the bubbler buckets are filling because doing so will draw water back to the reservoir, which may overflow beyond its capacity.

When you’ve set up this system, it needs to be kept clean and ensure that there are no build-ups of salts; you can do this easily by using a product such as Dutchpro Keep It Clean.

Watch out for anything that may cause water damage. Even with the most carefully set up system, accidents are always around the corner, resulting in large amounts of water spilling onto your floor.

This product doesn’t need water level indicators because the control unit looks after this for you. If you want to add water level indicators, it’s always possible to customise your pots by making separate holes and putting in individual glands and elbows to accommodate them.

Where Do I Buy The IWS R-DWC Pro System?

You can easily buy the IWS R-DWC Pro System from our online store.

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