Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers

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Enhance your indoor hydroponic journey with Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers. Expertly designed to capture excess water, they safeguard your floors from spillages while ensuring plants stay hydrated. These saucers are crafted from durable plastic and are essential for every hydroponic enthusiast. Whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned gardener, these saucers provide a clean and efficient gardening solution. Dive into a spill-free hydroponic experience!

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Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers: Essential for a Tidy Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic gardening is both a science and an art; every novice or expert gardener needs the right tools. At Caliponics, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best hydroponic equipment. We’re proud to offer these Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers, a must-have for every hydroponic enthusiast. These aren’t your average saucers; their meticulous design will keep your indoor garden spotless and free from unwanted water spillages.

How does this product work?

Deep Saucers serve as the unsung heroes of hydroponic setups. They function as a protective shield, efficiently collecting excess plant water. This action not only maintains a clean garden space but also minimises the risk of water damage. They’re crafted from durable plastic and resilient to warm and cold temperatures, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening.

Features and Benefits:

  • Temperature Resilient: Built to withstand varying conditions, ensuring durability.
  • Lightweight Design: Effortless to handle and adjust according to your gardening requirements.
  • Versatile Fit: Crafted to fit a wide range of plant pot sizes.

How do I use Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers?

Utilising these Saucers is straightforward. Position your plant pot over the saucer, ensuring a snug fit. The saucer will then capture excess water, acting as a mini reservoir. This feature prevents messy spillages and offers your plants an additional water source, keeping them well-hydrated.

Maintenance and Care

Taking care of your Heavy Duty Saucer is a breeze. Rinse with water to remove any residue. Use a mild detergent if they require a deeper clean. Regular cleaning ensures the saucer effectively collects excess water and nutrient solutions.

Recommended Products:

  • Grow Nutrients and Boosters: These specialised formulas give plants the essential nutrients for optimal growth. Using saucers ensures that any excess nutrient solution does not escape far, preventing wastage and ensuring your plants have a consistent nutrient supply.
  • The Fabric Pot: A perfect companion for Heavy Duty Deep Saucers, the Fabric Pot promotes better root aeration and prevents root circling. Its breathable material allows for superior drainage, and when paired with the saucers, you have an efficient system that captures excess water while ensuring your plants’ roots remain healthy and robust.
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves: Gardening can be messy, especially when dealing with nutrient solutions and soil. These gloves are durable and provide a barrier against potential irritants. When tending to your plants and setting up your saucers, these gloves ensure your hands remain clean and protected, allowing for a more comfortable gardening experience.

In conclusion, these Saucers are more than a mere accessory; they’re a fundamental tool for every hydroponic gardener. Their robust design and multiple advantages ensure a seamless gardening experience. 

How can I buy Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers?

You can easily buy Heavy Duty Round Deep Saucers from our online store by selecting the required size using the drop-down menu.

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