Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots

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Discover Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots – the perfect solution for efficient plant growth. These pots feature air-pruning technology that increases root mass, allowing plants to absorb more nutrients for healthy growth. Available in 10L-30L sizes, these durable and long-lasting pots are suitable for various plants. Start growing with ease today and enjoy the benefits of Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots!

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Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots: Grow Plants with Ease

Are you looking for a durable and efficient hydroponic setup? Look no further than Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots. Available in 10L, 16L, 22L, and 30L sizes, these pots will make your plant-growing experience simple and successful. The pots’ high-quality breathable fabric allows air pruning of the roots, stimulating secondary roots to branch out and increase root mass.


  • High-quality breathable fabric for optimal airflow
  • Air pruning technology to increase root mass
  • Available in 10L, 16L, 22L, and 30L sizes


  • Efficient plant growth due to increased root mass
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Suitable for a variety of plants

How does this product work?

The EasyFeed Fabric Pots allow optimal airflow to the plant’s root zone. The breathable fabric promotes air pruning, a process where the roots achieve air exposure and reach the edge of the pot; they stop growing and branch out. This process stimulates the growth of secondary roots, increasing the plant’s root mass. The increased root mass allows the plant to absorb more nutrients, resulting in efficient and thriving plant growth.

How do I use this product?

Using EasyFeed Fabric Pots is easy. First, choose the appropriate size pot for your plant. Fill the pot with a suitable hydroponic growing medium, such as Coco Coir or Rockwool. Plant your seedling or cutting, and water the plant regularly (the EasyFeed System Modules are ideal). The breathable fabric will allow optimal airflow and drainage, ensuring your plant receives the necessary nutrients to grow.

Other Alien EasyFeed products that would be compatible with this product:

  • Alien EasyFeed CAMO Tanks: These tanks work with the EasyFeed System Modules and provide your plants with a constant supply of nutrient-rich water. The tanks come in various sizes to accommodate different hydroponic setups.
  • Alien EasyFeed System Modules: These modules are compatible with the CAMO Tanks and provide a platform for the EasyFeed Fabric Pots. The modules are easy to use and maintain, ensuring your plants receive the nutrients for optimal growth.
  • Alien EasyFeed Water Timer: This timer is designed to work with the CAMO Tanks and provides an automated watering system for your hydroponic setup. The timer can be programmed to water your plants at specific intervals, ensuring that your plants receive the correct amount of water for healthy growth.

All these Alien EasyFeed products work together seamlessly, providing a complete hydroponic setup for your plants. Try the Alien EasyFeed system today and watch your plants thrive!

In conclusion, the EasyFeed Fabric Pots are an excellent addition to your hydroponic setup. Their breathable fabric and air-pruning technology promote efficient plant growth, making them an ideal choice for any plant enthusiast. So why wait? Try the EasyFeed Fabric Pots today and watch your plants thrive!

How can I buy Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots?

You can easily buy Alien EasyFeed Fabric Pots from our website. Se;ect the sizer you require using the drop-down menu above.

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