Gro-Tank NFT System (Complete Kit)

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The Gro-Tank NFT System (Complete Kit) is a self-contained nutrient film technique that can quickly provide as many as three or four times the yield of other systems.

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Gro-Tank NFT System (Complete Kit)

The Gro-Tank NFT System (Complete Kit) is a self-contained nutrient film technique that can quickly provide as many as three or four times the yield of other systems.

It’s a passive growing system, relatively compact, and ideal for spaces with little headroom.

This product is ideal for use as the basis of an NFT hydroponic growing system and has several attributes and qualities, including the following:

  • Provides safety from the root diseases which are all too prevalent in soil-grown plants
  • Easy access to both nutrient solution and the pump
  • Provides a complete system for Nutrient Film Technique (NFT)
  • Fully compatible with the Nutriculture Auto Top-Up System
  • Allows even distribution of nutrient solution to plants
  • Millions of satisfied hobby and professional growers around the world
  • A generous volume of nutrient solution to plant capacity
  • Very easy to clean and flat in structure
  • Permits up to four times higher yields
  • A passive system with few moving parts
  • Easy, low-maintenance system

How does the Gro-Tank System work?

This product is a fully self-contained system which runs on Nutrient Film Technique methods. The central working part is a thin film of a nutrient solution that flows through your plants’ roots, providing them with all the nourishment they need to thrive.

The only growing medium that needs using is that in which the plants started their lives – these are often Rockwool cubes used to grow the plants from cuttings – and this is known as a bare-rooted technique.

Within any NFT system, the nutrient solution holds in the reservoir. The plants sit above in a tray, often called a channel. The nutrient solution pumps around to the plants and flows directly over and across their roots.

Any nutrient solution the plants do not use will drain right back into the reservoir, ready to be used again and passed over and through the roots.

This constant supply of water and nutrient solution to the plant’s root systems, together with unrestricted access to such a good source of oxygen, means that you’ll get up to four times the yield of plants grown using traditional soil-based techniques.

The result is always much healthier and happier plants, which are never underfed or overfed, and the system does not produce salt build-up in the root zone.

How do I use the Gro-Tank System?

It’s easy to assemble, and all the instructions for setting up this system are in the package.

Many experts consider NFT systems such as the ones used here as pure hydroponics systems because almost no growing medium is needed or used, and the plants’ roots have the advantage of unlimited access to a healthy supply of O2 at all times.

Nutrient solution pumps continually from the system reservoir to the plant’s roots and back again in readiness to be used over and across them for the next cycle. This process continues repeatedly, and your plants grow stronger and healthier daily.

There’s almost no waste; the only growing medium required is the Rockwool cubes or blocks the plants originally started in. Meaning that there’s minimal risk of disease, unlike those experienced so often with soil-based growing, and almost no waste material to dispose of at the end of your growing cycle.

Check out our growing tips and advice section, which features an article explaining the NFT System in greater detail.


Complete Kit Includes:

  • System Reservoir
  • Top Tray
Correx Top Plate
  • Delivery Tube
  • Emptying Tube
  • Pump
  • Spreader Mat
  • pH Test Kit
  • Full Instructions

How do I buy a Gro-Tank NFT System (Complete Kit)?

You can easily buy a Gro-Tank NFT System (Complete Kit) from our online store.

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