AutoPot 1Pot XL System

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The AutoPot 1Pot XL System is a versatile bottom-fed hydroponic system featuring multiples of 25-litre pots for growing large and healthy plants.

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AutoPot 1Pot XL System

The AutoPot 1Pot XL System is versatile and works for many different types and sizes of plants.

Perennial shrubs and seasonal flowering plants are known to thrive and provide an abundance of flowers, all owing to the action of the AQUAvalve, which functions to easily see your plants go through a wet and dry cycle.

This product is ideal for use in hydroponic growing systems as it includes quite a few handy attributes and qualities, including the following:

  • Easy to set up and use and great for beginners
  • All parts and components are in the box
  • The ultimate in low-maintenance hydroponic growing systems
  • Not to be confused with the AutoPot 1Pot System (with 15-litre pots)
  • Pots in the XL range are all 25 litres with ample space for growing roots
  • Easy to clean and manage
  • Produces impressive results, particularly with coco coir
  • No mechanical moving parts that could go wrong, such as pumps or timers
  • Highly popular with growers who loyally stick by this format
  • Can be upgraded to a more extensive system whenever needed
  • Highly versatile – add your pots according to the size of the tank

How does this bottom-fed system work?

This versatile system is straightforward to use. The plants receive food by gravity from a reservoir; no pumps, timers, or any electrical or mechanical equipment are necessary. Instead, the AQUAvalve distributes the nutrient solution to your plants’ root systems whenever needed.

These kits come with all the necessary equipment and fittings to set up the whole system. It’s effortless and trouble-free. The pots each have a 25 Litre growing capacity and are ideal if you want massive yields at harvest with just a fraction of the effort.

AQUAvalves fill up their trays to the standard level of 20mm. When the plants’ roots have absorbed the nutrient solution and the tray is empty, the clever AQUAvalve will automatically refill it up to the 20mm level again using an ingenious float valve connector.

A completely new nutrient solution is only ever needed when the root systems fully absorb this 20mm of nutrients.

Because AutoPots receive food from beneath, they need a growing medium which can absorb liquids efficiently, taking it up and creating an even and uniform spread of the nutrient solution. Coco coir is excellent for this purpose, making it the best growing medium for use in these systems.

It’s a good idea to mix growing media with perlite or clay pebbles, mainly if you use heavier potting soils.

How do I use this bottom-fed system?

Although this is a straightforward process, the XL kits will need to be assembled slightly differently depending on the actual number of pots in the system.

Place the circular root control disc at the base of the AutoPot tray, with its metallic side upwards. This action ensures that the plant’s roots don’t grow right into the AQUAvalve tray and cause blockages which might prevent or hinder the flow and even distribution of the nutrient solution.

The black marix discs help prevent such blockages if you place them at the bottom of the AutoPots.

Fill the container with your growing medium and plant the system.

Autopots work best with quite porous media with good capillary action. Coco coir is ideal, but always remember to use coco-specific nutrients when choosing these.

Water the pots in an external area and let them fully drain outside the Autopots and their trays.

Allow between 7 and 10 days of hand-watering before filling up your reservoir.

To ensure the AQUAvalve works correctly, hold it up at eye level and look at the yellow silicon attached to the top float. For the AQUAvalve to work correctly, a reasonably tight seal must form between this float and the small hole beneath it. If this does not fit appropriately over this hole, you should lift the top float up, remove the yellow silicon, and clean it. When you place it back in position, it should form a tight seal if all is well.
The AQUAvalve needs cleaning after each growing session using warm water and a cloth.


Each product kit includes a reservoir tank (including a lid and grommet), 25-litre Autopots, tray, AQUAvalve, root control disc and 6mm Flexi pipe.

The different systems come in various sizes and include:

  • Inline tap
  • Tank filter (includes membrane)
  • Cross/tee connector and fittings

As you can see, several permutations are available with this system, and all of these are catered for when you select from the drop-down menu above.

How do I buy an AutoPot XL System Kit?

You can easily buy an AutoPot XL System Kit from our online store.

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