AutoPot 1Pot Tray and Lid

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The AutoPot 1Pot Tray and Lid are essential components of a versatile modular hydroponic system. Place a 15L or 25L pot on the Tray and connect it to a water tank or reservoir using pipes and fittings for hassle-free plant cultivation. Available in two sizes, this efficient system ensures optimal plant growth and yields with minimal effort.

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AutoPot 1Pot Tray and Lid: The Perfect Addition to Your Hydroponic System

If you want to create an efficient and effective hydroponic setup, the AutoPot 1Pot Tray and Lid is an excellent choice. This product comes in two sizes, standard for 8.5L or 15L Square Pots and XL for 25L Pots, and is the perfect component to complete your hydroponic system.

Features and Benefits

Here are some handy features and benefits of using the Tray and Lid to form an AutoPot 1Pot Hydroponic System:

  • Efficient: The 1Pot System uses gravity and capillary action to deliver water and nutrients to your plants, reducing water waste and ensuring that your plants receive just the correct amount of water and nutrients.
  • Easy to use: With no pumps or electricity required, the system is incredibly low maintenance and simple to set up.
  • Modular: The AutoPot 1Pot system is modular, so you can easily connect multiple units to create a more extensive hydroponic system that suits your needs.
  • Versatile: The system can be used with various growing media, including perlite, vermiculite, and coco coir, giving you greater flexibility in your growing options.
  • High-quality materials: The AutoPot systems consist of durable materials designed to last.

How does this product work?

The Tray and Lid work together to create a simple and efficient hydroponic system. The Tray design has raised contours that enable the pot to sit securely, while the Lid has a raised central channel to allow water to flow freely to the plant’s roots. The pot contains a growing medium, such as perlite, vermiculite, or coco coir, for the plant to grow.

The Tray and Lid connect to a water tank or reservoir using pipes and fittings. As the plant grows, it will consume water from the pot, which draws water from the tank via capillary action. The system is gravity-fed, so no pumps or electricity are required, making it extremely low maintenance.

How do I use this product?

Using the Tray and Lid is incredibly easy. First, choose the appropriate size for your pot: the standard size fits 8.5L or 15L Square Pots, while the XL size is suitable for 25L Pots. Then, place the Tray on a level surface and fit the Lid onto it. Add the pot and growing medium, and connect the system to a water tank or reservoir. It’s that simple!

Compatible Products

AutoPot offers a range of other products compatible with the 1Pot Tray and Lid if you want to expand your hydroponic setup. These include:

  • The AutoPot 1Pot Extension Kit allows you to extend your existing 1Pot system by adding additional pots.
  • The AutoPot FlexiTank is a collapsible water tank that holds 100L to 1000L of water, depending on the size of your desired system.
  • The AutoPot AQUAplate is a special plate designed to provide additional oxygen to the plant’s root zone, promoting healthy growth and preventing root rot.


Whether replacing parts in an existing AutoPot system or expanding your setup, the 1Pot Tray and Lid are perfect components. Available in two sizes, these efficient parts work seamlessly with your existing AutoPot system to provide hassle-free, efficient plant cultivation.

How can I buy an AutoPot 1Pot Tray and Lid?

You can easily buy an AutoPot 1Pot Tray and Lid from our online store. Select the version you require using the drop-down menu above.

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