MDF Contactor Board

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The MDF Contactor Board is an open-ended solution to any grower’s need for a comprehensive electrical power system.

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MDF Contactor Board

The MDF Contactor Board is an open-ended solution to any grower’s need for a comprehensive electrical power system.

The basic configuration offers a plain MDF board with room in the corners to attach it to the wall. It comes with a top-quality Grasslin 24hr mechanical timer which is ultra-reliable. It has 12 or 16 timed sockets, 2 of which have constant power for powering fans and other electrical components.

This product is ideal for all types of hydroponic growing setups because it incorporates some practical features, such as:

  • 12 to 16-Way contactor board with a Grasslin timer
  • 40A contactor circuitry
  • 600 x 300mm MDF Board with attaching space at the corners for wall fixing
  • 12 or 16 sockets which can connect to the timer of your choice
  • Two sockets which have constant power for fans, etc.

How Does The Timer Board Work?

The Timer Board is the ideal way of mounting light sockets which growers need with medium to large hydroponic setups.

Trying to synchronise smaller contactors to switch on and off at pre-determined times can be a bit of a nightmare, so these contactor boards have the space for up to 16 lights, with all of these managed by a single timer. All the components used and the wiring inside them are heavy-duty and can handle the heavy loads that this number of lights will tend to generate.

These contactor boards are all fitted with overload protection, preventing power surges and similar damage to your equipment, and the quality of the timer will ensure that your lights will reliably switch on and off.

In a typical configuration, the switchable sockets join two auxiliary sockets and remain on or off. The two additional sockets can control fans or anything you want to provide power to, making using the whole arrangement much more flexible.

These boards have 2 x 40 amp contactors, so you should have an experienced and qualified electrician install them.

How Do I Use Timer Board?

These Timer Boards are intuitive to use, as you use them just as you would any domestic power sockets; the only difference here is that there are lots of them!

Where Can I Buy an  MDF Contactor Board?

You can buy your MDF Contactor Board without difficulty from our website.

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