Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater


Step into a world of uncompromised safety and precise control with the Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater. Ideal for the meticulous hydroponic gardener, this unit offers eight contactor sockets and two dedicated heat sockets, ensuring your indoor garden remains a haven of regulated warmth and light. With built-in circuit breakers to prevent overload, a Grasslin timer for automated control, and a robust design, your pursuit of a thriving, hassle-free hydroponic garden is actualised. Say goodbye to unexpected electrical fires and hello to seamless, controlled growth.

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Unleash the Power of Controlled Growth with Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater.

The Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater is an indispensable addition to your hydroponic garden, offering an amalgam of safety, control, and efficiency in managing your indoor growing environment. As the UK’s trusted supplier of hydroponic indoor gardening equipment, we bring you a device engineered to perfection, ensuring a seamless and safe operation of your garden’s electrical systems.

How does this product work?

The Hero8 comes with eight contactor sockets and two dedicated heat sockets, a design built around safeguarding your indoor garden from electrical mishaps. Unlike conventional systems, where overload can lead to detrimental socket fires, the Hero8 stands as a vanguard, thanks to its integrated circuit breakers. The manufacturers engineer these breakers to trip well before the surge reaches a critical level, making sure your garden remains unscathed and operational.

  • Safety First: The key objective of the Hero8 is to prevent electrical fires triggered by socket overload. Traditional fuses, although rated for 13 amps, may sometimes allow currents of over 20 amps, causing overheating and potential fires. This unit acts promptly to cut off the power, ensuring a safe horticultural ambience.
  • Dual Circuit Breakers: The Hero8 houses two separate circuit breakers. In the event one circuit faces an overload and trips, at least four sockets remain functional, ensuring continuous operation without a hitch.
  • Timer Control: The integrated Grasslin timer empowers you with automated control over your devices, eliminating the need for separate plug-ins and ensuring timely operation conducive to plant growth.
  • Robust and Cool: The insulated cables are designed to keep the outer surfaces cool, ensuring a safe touch and further enhancing the safety profile of your hydroponic setup.

How do I use the Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater?

Employing the Hero8 is straightforward.

  1. Connect your lighting systems and heaters to the respective sockets.
  2. Set the timer to your preferred settings to automate the on/off cycles of your equipment.
  3. Rest easy knowing the dual circuit breakers are in place to tackle any potential overload, keeping your setup safe and functional.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximum Load Capacity: Handles up to 8 x 600W digital HPS or 4 x 1000W HPS for lighting and up to 2500W for heating, providing ample power for most indoor gardening needs.
  • Protection Class IP54: Assures a degree of protection against dust and water spray from any direction, further enhancing the safety and durability of the unit.
  • Automatic Control: The built-in Grasslin timer with battery backup ensures consistent and accurate control of your equipment, even in the event of a power failure.

Recommended Products

  • LED Grow Lights: LED Lighting is a cornerstone for any successful hydroponic setup, offering a full spectrum of light to mimic the sun’s natural rays. They are energy-efficient, long-lasting, and promote vigorous growth and blooming. When used in conjunction with the Hero8, you ensure a well-regulated, illuminated environment that is crucial for photosynthesis and overall plant health. The contactor aids in automating the operation of LED lights, ensuring they are on and off at the correct times, and assisting in the proper growth cycle of your plants.
  • Air Extraction Fans: Effective air circulation is paramount in maintaining the optimal climate for your indoor garden. Air Extraction Fans help remove stale air and draw fresh air into the grow space, which is crucial for plant respiration and overall health. They work in synergy with the Hero8, which ensures that the fans operate at the desired times to maintain the desired temperature and air quality, creating a conducive environment for plant growth.
  • Grow Room Heaters: Grow Room Heaters are essential for maintaining the desired temperature within your hydroponic setup, especially during the colder months. A consistent temperature is crucial for optimal plant growth and health. The Hero8 not only provides additional heating sockets but also automates and regulates when the heaters are operational, ensuring a consistent and ideal temperature is maintained. The integration of these heaters with the contactor provides a warm, cosy environment for your plants to thrive, regardless of the external weather conditions.

Together, these product categories, when utilised with the Hero 8, create a balanced and controlled environment essential for the thriving of your hydroponic garden.

How can I buy a Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater?

You can easily buy a Hero 8-way Contactor plus Heater from our website.

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