SANlight H-Distribution Block


Maximise the efficiency of your hydroponic lighting system with the SANlight H-Distribution Block. This essential accessory enables the seamless connection and operation of multiple EVO-Series or Q-Series luminaires from a single power socket. By consolidating your power supply and reducing cable clutter, the H-Distribution Block simplifies your setup, allowing for more organised and efficient hydroponic cultivation. Streamline your growing environment and unlock the full potential of your grow lights with the SANlight H-Distribution Block.

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SANlight H-Distribution Block: Efficient Connection Solution for Multiple EVO-Series and Q-Series Luminaires

Effortlessly connect and operate multiple EVO-Series or Q-Series luminaires from a single power socket with the SANlight H-Distribution Block. This essential accessory streamlines the setup of your hydroponic system by enabling the series connection of your grow lights. Explore the features, benefits, and usage of the H-Distribution Block to enhance your indoor gardening experience.

How does this product work?

The H-Distribution Block simplifies connecting and powering multiple EVO-Series or Q-Series luminaires in series. This distribution block allows you to conveniently consolidate the power supply from a single socket, reducing the number of power cords and optimising your grow space. This innovative solution ensures a reliable and efficient connection, enabling the seamless operation of your grow lights.

How do I use a SANlight H-Distribution Block?

Using the H-Distribution Block is straightforward. Follow these simple steps to incorporate this product into your hydroponic setup:

  1. Determine the number of luminaires: Assess the number of EVO-Series or Q-Series luminaires you wish to connect in series. The H-Distribution Block accommodates multiple luminaires, allowing you to scale your lighting system as needed.
  2. Connect the luminaires: Connect each luminaire to the input ports on the H-Distribution Block using the appropriate cables. Ensure a secure connection to guarantee uninterrupted power flow.
  3. Power source connection: Plug the power cord from your grow light system into the input port on the H-Distribution Block. Confirm that the power source is compatible and can handle the combined power requirements of the connected luminaires.
  4. Verify connections: Double-check all links to ensure they are correctly secured. Confirm that no loose cables or potential hazards may affect the system’s operation.

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient Series Connection: The H-Distribution Block lets you connect multiple EVO-Series or Q-Series luminaires in series, minimising the required power cords. This feature streamlines your setup, reduces cable clutter, and provides a more organised and efficient hydroponic environment.
  • Streamlined Power Management: The H-Distribution Block simplifies power management in your grow room by consolidating the power supply from a single socket. You can easily control and monitor the overall power consumption of the connected luminaires, making it convenient to maintain and adjust your lighting setup.
  • Reliable and Secure Operation: Designed with precision and durability in mind, the H-Distribution Block ensures a reliable and secure connection between the luminaires and the power source. This feature guarantees uninterrupted power flow, minimising the risk of downtime or disruptions to your plant’s growth cycle.
  • Scalable Lighting System: With the H-Distribution Block, you can effortlessly expand your lighting system as your needs evolve. Add additional luminaires to accommodate more significant grow spaces or adjust the configuration to optimise light distribution. This scalability provides flexibility and adaptability to support the growth of your plants.

Recommended Products:

To further enhance your hydroponic setup and maximise the performance of your H-Distribution Block, consider these recommended products from the same brand:

  1. SANlight EVO 5-120 LED: Harness the power of the SANlight EVO 5-120 LED to deliver optimal lighting performance to your plants. This LED light perfectly matches the H-Distribution Block with its high-intensity output and uniform coverage. Enjoy precise control over light distribution and achieve exceptional growth results.
  2. SANlight Q6W Gen2 245w LED: The SANlight Q6W Gen2 245w LED is ideal for versatile lighting options and customisable light spectra. Combine this advanced LED light with the H-Distribution Block to streamline your setup and unleash the full potential of your hydroponic garden.

With the SANlight H-Distribution Block and the recommended products, you can optimise your hydroponic lighting system, ensure efficient power distribution, and create an ideal environment for your plant’s growth and development. Elevate your indoor gardening experience with SANlight’s reliable and innovative solutions.

How can I buy a SANlight H-distribution Block?

You can easily buy a SANlight H-distribution Block from our website.

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