SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer


Enhance your hydroponic setup with the SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer. Designed exclusively for the EVO-Series LED lights, this advanced dimmer allows you to fine-tune the power output for optimal lighting control. With precise power adjustment and seamless integration, achieve the perfect lighting environment for your plants’ growth stages. Experience convenience and customisation as you optimise light intensity. Take control of your EVO-Series LED lights and elevate your indoor gardening. Order the SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer now for unparalleled lighting control.

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SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer: Enhanced Control for Your EVO-Series LED Lights

Take control of your EVO-Series LED lights with the SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer. Designed specifically for the EVO-Series models, this M-Dimmer offers advanced functionality and precise power adjustment for optimal lighting control in your hydroponic setup. Experience unparalleled convenience and customisation as you fine-tune the intensity of your LED lights. Let’s delve into this exceptional product’s features, benefits, and usage.

How does this product work?

The EVO M-Dimmer is exclusively compatible with the EVO-Series models, including EVO 3-60, EVO 3-80, EVO 3-100, EVO 4-80, EVO 4-100, EVO 4-120, EVO 5-100, EVO 5-120, and EVO 5-150. This M-Dimmer connects to the blue three-pin socket of the LED light, offering seamless integration for effortless operation.

The M-Dimmer features four different power levels, allowing you to alter the output according to your plant’s specific needs. With options for 100%, 80%, 60%, and 40% of the nominal power of the light, you have the flexibility to create the ideal lighting environment. The currently set power level is displayed through three green LEDs, providing a clear visual indicator.

How do I use the SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer?

Using the EVO M-Dimmer is straightforward. Connect the M-Dimmer to the blue three-pin socket of your EVO-Series LED light, ensuring a secure and colour-coded connection. Please be aware that you may set the M-Dimmer using a magnet, so keeping it away from external magnetic fields is essential. We recommend maintaining a minimum distance of 30 cm from mains cables to prevent interference.

Please remember that the M-Dimmer operates when the LED light is on. The power supply for the M-Dimmer comes from the LED light, enhancing convenience and eliminating the need for additional power sources.

The M-Dimmer offers two different functions that you set using the magnetic clip. Hold the respective side of the clip approximately in the middle of the dimmer to activate the desired function. This magnetic clip contains a robust ferrite magnet, which ensures its durability and resistance to high temperatures.

Features and Benefits:

  • Enhanced Control: With the EVO M-Dimmer, you have precise control over the power output of your EVO-Series LED lights. Adjust the lighting intensity to suit your plants’ growth stage and requirements, optimising their development and yield.
  • Customisable Power Levels: Choose from four different power levels (100%, 80%, 60%, and 40%) to tailor the lighting conditions to your specific needs. Whether your plants require intense lighting or a gentler output, the M-Dimmer can accommodate various growth scenarios.
  • Convenient Power Level Display: The M-Dimmer features three green LEDs indicating the current power level. This visual display allows you to monitor and confirm the power settings at a glance, ensuring accurate adjustments for consistent lighting performance.

Recommended Products:

For an enhanced hydroponic setup, consider these recommended products from SANlight:

  1. SANlight EVO-Series LED Lights: Pair your EVO M-Dimmer with the EVO-Series LED lights for a comprehensive lighting solution. Benefit from seamless compatibility and enjoy the advanced features and exceptional performance of the EVO-Series. Achieve optimal plant growth and maximise yields with this powerful combination.
  2. SANlight EVO Power Lead: Ensure a reliable power connection for your M-Dimmer and EVO-Series LED lights with the SANlight EVO Power Lead. This high-quality power cable is designed specifically for SANlight products, providing a stable and efficient power supply. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your lighting setup is powered safely and efficiently.

Unlock the full potential of your EVO-Series LED lights with the EVO M-Dimmer. Experience precise control, customisable power levels, and convenient operation. Elevate your hydroponic setup and witness exceptional plant growth and abundant yields. Invest in SANlight’s innovative technology and elevate your indoor gardening. Order the EVO M-Dimmer now and revolutionise your lighting control.

How can I buy a SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer?

You can easily buy a SANlight Gen2 EVO M-Dimmer from our online store.

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