DLI Digital Controller DLM-4


The DLI Digital Controller DLM-4 revolutionises hydroponic growth with advanced digital control for up to 1020 lights across four zones. Tailor each zone to specific plant needs with independent temperature and lighting adjustments. Enhanced safety features prevent overheating by automatically adjusting light intensity. Perfect for growers seeking precise, scalable, and reliable environmental management. Embrace technology that grows with you.

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Master Your Grow Space: Ultimate Control at Your Fingertips

Imagine having total command over your indoor garden’s lighting with just a few clicks. That’s what you get with the DLI Digital Controller DLM-4. Designed to streamline your daily lighting management, this controller lets you oversee up to four zones independently, each capable of connecting to 255 lights and a sensor. Whether you’re scaling up your operation or just fine-tuning your current setup, the DLM-4 is your hub for precision and ease, ensuring your plants thrive under the perfect conditions.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Extensive Control Options: Manage up to 1020 lights across four independent zones, tailoring each area to specific lighting needs.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Protects your crops by automatically dimming or shutting down lights if temperatures exceed your preset maximum, keeping your grow safe and sustainable.
  • Digital Precision: Ensures consistent light output across all connected fixtures, even those at the end of the chain, preventing uneven growth.
  • Flexible Installation: Supports a maximum distance of 1000ft/300 metres from the controller to the fixtures, offering versatility in larger grow areas.
  • Integrated Temperature Sensors: Each zone can be equipped with its own sensor, providing precise environmental feedback and adaptive lighting adjustments.
  • Customisable Settings: Allows for staged dimming and specific temperature settings in each zone, offering detailed control over your growing environment.
  • Easy Setup: The controller comes with a simple DIN-type bracket for quick installation and an easy-to-navigate menu system for hassle-free operation.

This controller isn’t just a part of your grow setup; it’s the command centre that drives productivity and efficiency, ensuring your plants receive exactly what they need when they need it.

Understanding the operation of the DLM-4 reveals why it’s an essential tool for any serious hydroponic gardener. This controller doesn’t just manage lights; it provides a comprehensive solution for optimising your plant growth environment through sophisticated digital control.

Precision Control Technology

Independent Zone Management: Each of the four zones managed by the DLM-4 can control up to 255 lights, along with a dedicated sensor. This feature allows for precise adjustments per zone, catering to different plant needs or growth stages within the same facility.

Digital Addressing System: Unlike analogue systems, the digital nature of the DLM-4 ensures that every light connected, from the first to the last in the chain, receives exactly the same power and programming. This consistency is key to uniform plant growth and eliminates the variability that can affect crop yield and quality.

Safety and Efficiency

Automated Environmental Responses: The controller’s built-in safety protocols automatically adjust lighting in response to temperature changes. If a zone exceeds the temperature threshold you’ve set, the system will dim the lights or shut them down to prevent heat stress on the plants, then log the event for your review. This proactive approach protects your plants and enhances energy efficiency.

Customisable Settings for Each Zone: With the ability to set different dimming actions and temperature thresholds for each zone, you can tailor the environment according to specific requirements of various crop types or stages of plant development.

User-Centric Design

Simplified Setup and Operation: Installing the DLM-4 is straightforward, thanks to its practical design featuring a DIN-type bracket for easy mounting. Its user interface allows for hassle-free navigation, making complex lighting management accessible even to those new to digital controllers.

Scalable Connectivity: The ability to connect up to 1020 lights makes the DLM-4 ideal for both small and large-scale operations. Its capability to stretch up to 300 metres between the controller and the fixtures provides flexibility in plant layout and grow space design.

The DLM-4 is more than just a piece of equipment; it’s a critical investment for any hydroponic grower looking to maximise efficiency, safety, and productivity in their growing operations. Its digital precision and robust features make it indispensable for modern hydroponic systems.

Integrating the DLM-4 into your hydroponic system can significantly enhance your ability to manage light settings across multiple zones, thereby optimising plant growth. Here’s a detailed guide on how to set up and utilise this advanced controller effectively in your growing space.

Setting Up the Controller

Installing the Unit: Mount the DLM-4 using the provided DIN type bracket. Pull the tabs outward to release the bracket from the unit, secure the bracket to a suitable wall or surface within your grow area, and then snap the controller back onto the bracket.

Connecting the Fixtures: Each zone on the DLM-4 can handle up to 255 fixtures and one temperature sensor. Start by connecting the RJ12 cable from the controller to the first fixture in your setup. Continue to daisy-chain the fixtures using the RJ12 “T” splitters included with your fixtures.

Temperature Sensor Placement: You can place the temperature sensor anywhere within the zone. Connect it using the same RJ12 cables, integrating it into the line with a “T” splitter. This setup allows the controller to monitor and adjust the temperature across each zone effectively.

Programming the Controller

Customising Zone Settings: Access the controller’s menu system to set up each of the four zones independently. You can program light intensity, on/off times, and temperature thresholds for dimming or shutdown.

Monitoring and Adjustments: Once your system is up and running, use the digital time clock to schedule the lights. Keep an eye on the real-time feedback from each zone’s temperature sensor to make any necessary adjustments. This action ensures your plants receive the ideal light and warmth without overexposure.

Maintaining the System

Regular Checks: Periodically check the connections, the general condition of the controller, and its wiring. Check there aren’t any loose connections or signs of wear and tear that could affect its operation.

Software Updates and Logs: Occasionally, it might be necessary to update the software to ensure your controller is running the latest features and fixes. Also, review the logs regularly to understand the environmental conditions and system responses, which can help you optimise settings further.

By following these guidelines, you can leverage the full capabilities of the DLM-4, bringing precision and efficiency to your hydroponic lighting management. Find out more about this versatile controller by visiting the manufacturer’s website here.

What makes the DLM-4 controller different from analogue controllers?

The DLM-4 stands out because it digitally addresses each fixture to ensure uniform output across all connected lights, even if they are at the end of the chain. This digital control not only ensures consistent growth conditions but also enhances the overall reliability of your hydroponic lighting system.

Can I mix different fixture types in one zone?

It’s important to connect only fixtures of the same wattage and type within a single zone. Mixing different types can lead to uneven lighting and may disrupt the precise control the DLM-4 provides. This action ensures that each zone is optimised for specific plant needs, maximising growth efficiency.

How far can the fixtures be from the DLM-4 controller?

You can position your fixtures up to 300 metres (1000 feet) away from the DLM-4 Zone Controller. This extensive reach makes the DLM-4 ideal for large operations, giving you the flexibility to design your space without worrying about losing control effectiveness.

What happens if the temperature in a zone exceeds the set threshold?

If the temperature in any zone exceeds the preset limit, the DLM-4 will automatically dim the lights or shut them down if necessary. The controller logs this action, allowing you to review what occurred and why. Such features protect your plants from heat stress and contribute to a stable growing environment.

  • DLI Apex Series Toplight 800 FS DC: This efficient LED fixture is a top choice for replacing traditional 1000W HPS systems. It saves up to 25% in energy while providing a broad light spectrum that supports plant growth in rooms with little or no direct sunlight. When paired with the DLM-4, it allows for precise control over light intensity and distribution, ensuring the plants receive just the right amount of light.
  • DLI Joule Series 1000W 208-240V DC Full Fixture: Known for its robust build and low maintenance, the Joule Series excels in delivering high-intensity light with superior uniformity thanks to its specially designed reflectors. Integrating this with the DLM-4 enables detailed control over large areas, making it ideal for commercial-scale operations that demand reliability and performance.
  • DLI Diode Series LED Multilayer 600 FS-DC: This versatile LED fixture is perfect for growers looking to enhance their light coverage without overhauling their existing setup. It works seamlessly with the DLM-4 to provide supplementary lighting that can be adjusted independently of the primary light sources, allowing for customised light recipes across different sections of your grow space.

Upgrade Your Growing Experience with the DLI Digital Controller DLM-4

Transform your hydroponic system into a haven of efficiency and precision. The DLI Digital Controller DLM-4 is your key to mastering environmental control, ensuring your plants flourish under perfect conditions. Add this essential tool to your setup today and witness a revolution in your indoor gardening success. Elevate your grow, elevate your results.

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