Uvonair CD-1000 In-Duct Ozone Generator

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Uvonair UV-80H In-Duct Ozone Generator is an in-duct ozone generator that makes use of UV instead of coronal discharge in order to generate ozone

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Uvonair CD-1000 In-Duct Ozone Generator

The Uvonair CD-1000 In-Duct Ozone Generator is a corona discharge type generator with a high output which is among several in this highly useful range. This model works best in 10-inch outlet ducting, and it produces sufficient ozone to clean the bad odours, bacteria and mould from the air coming from a 20,000 cubic foot growing space or grow tent.

This is highly recommended for use in hydroponic growing systems.

The In-Duct Ozone Generator includes quite a few useful attributes, and they include:

  • Uvonair: trusted manufacturers of quality ozone generators
  • Makes use of corona discharge to produce ozone
  • Ideal for growing rooms from 10,000 cubic feet to 20,000 cubic feet
  • Installs into 10-inch ducts to treat the bad air produced in the growing space
  • It may be switched between high and low output
  • Adjustable settings allow growers to eradicate odours, airborne mould and bacteria in all plant growth stages
  • Sturdy and structurally secure, highly professional quality
  • Reduces unwanted smells that might lead to neighbour complaints
  • Significantly reduces odours leaving the outlet ducting
  • Needs only 24 to 90 watts depending on the size of the model

How Does it Work?

The Uvonair CD-1000 is a professional standard ozone generator that makes use of its corona discharge tube to generate ozone at the rate of 1,800mg per hour. It is designed to be installed directly into your extraction system, immediately after the carbon filter and fan assembly.

The ozone that it produces then mingles with the air as it travels down the ducting on its journey to leave the growing area, neutralising odours, mould spores and bacteria that it comes into close contact with on the way, freshening the air considerably and making it much cleaner-smelling.

It has a 3-way power button which enables it to be switched between off, low and high.

Please note: This product should never be used with phonic trap ducting because the ozone from this generator will cause damage to it. You should only use metallic ducting such as Acoustic Ducting or Combi Ducting.

How Do I Use an In-Duct Ozone Generator?

The In-Duct Ozone Generator is meant to be used inside the growing space or tent extraction system. It is extremely good at reducing unwanted odours, but it should always be used with a good quality carbon filter to completely eliminate these smells.

The product should be installed into the ducting immediately after the in-line duct fan and there ought to be several metres of ducting following it. This enhanced length allows the ozone plenty of opportunity to mix with the air and clean it as it travels down the ducting before being vented out at the other end.

This product should be switched on whenever your in-line duct fan is switched on. It can quite easily be wired to the same electrical feed as the fan, but only do this if a fan speed controller isn’t being used in the same system. If such a speed controller is being made use of then the unit shouldn’t be connected as such an arrangement will not work. (In fact, it will need to have its own electrical mains supply in this case.)

Ozone can be very harmful, so the air which leaves the ducting should not be vented out directly into any areas where it could be inhaled by any people or by animals. The end of the ducting should instead be located in a place where the ozone-rich air can safely disperse into the outside air, and not be inhaled by any humans or animals.

In the same way, you should never inhale the air from the space directly in front of the ozone generator or at the end of the ducting. Doing so could cause a severe hazard to your health. Children and animals ought to be kept well out of the way of any space or area which might have higher than normal levels of ozone. All of these corona discharge type generators do not need maintenance or scheduled replacement of parts.


  • Use with 10-inch / 250mm ducting
  • Ozone output: 1800mg/hour
  • Covers: Up to 20,000 cubic feet (600 cubic metres)
  • Power requirement: 110V 60Hz

How Can I Buy The Uvonair CD-1000 In-Duct Ozone Generator?

You can easily buy the Uvonair CD-1000 In-Duct Ozone Generator from our site.

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