G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator

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The G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator removes bad smells from your growing area or tent. It disposes of these odours from the air in your ventilation setup before it even leaves your ducting.

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G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator

The G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator removes bad smells from your growing area or tent. It disposes of these odours from the air in your ventilation setup before it even leaves your ducting.

It works with a regular carbon filter system, as having an extra preventative measure adds a further layer of security to the existing arrangements.

This product is ideal for use with all kinds of hydroponic growing systems, as it has the following qualities and attributes:

  • Cleanses all organic residue left behind by the carbon filter
  • Matches the ozone capacity with the airflow
  • Supplies added security and peace of mind when odours are at their worst
  • Manufactured by Global Air Supplies specifically for hydroponic growing space odour control
  • Complies with official guidelines surrounding ozone production and exposure limit duration
  • Use them with carbon filters to tackle the strongest grow room odours
  • Very easy to install and completely safe to use
  • Will fit several duct sizes from 150mm to 355mm in diameter
  • Developed especially to run on quite limited power supplies
  • Made and produced in the EU to the highest standards
  • Carries a manufacturer’s 12-month warranty for total peace of mind

How Does it Work?

This Ozone Generator works specifically in hydroponic growing spaces. It uses corona discharge plates to sustain high ozone levels, ensuring that this is compatible with the airflow and size of your ducting and your in-line extraction fan. These corona plates are high voltage parts and will cause the surrounding air to ionise, and this process turns ordinary O2 into ozone which is O3.

This process is possible even when humidity is as high as 80%. The ozone then binds with the smelly particles in the air and neutralises them.

There are five distinct sizes and power levels in the AirOzone range, so you should choose the model which matches your existing extraction fan and ducting.

These products are for use with carbon filters and not as standalone units. They are more to give users the extra peace of mind that having a second layer of protection can bring.

Manufacturing takes place in the EU, and to the highest standards. They comply with environmental ozone production and exposure guidelines and are safe if used as directed.

You can replace the corona plates when they reach the end of life, and the product as a whole is serviceable by qualified personnel.

These products fit onto your existing ducting and will eliminate those unwanted odours, ensuring that you’re leaving behind only air that is fresh and free of nasty smells.

What is Ozone Exactly?

Ozone is a form of oxygen known as O3 because it contains an extra oxygen atom to form the O3 molecule. Air consists of approximately 21% oxygen and 79% Nitrogen. Nearly all of this oxygen takes the form of O2.

Oxygen forms strongly attracted and bonded pairs of atoms that are strong and long-lasting once formed. Ozone is the same O2 molecule but has this extra oxygen atom. Unfortunately, the extra oxygen atom can be highly unstable and easily break off from the more firmly-bonded O2 if there is even a small attraction to other molecules passing by; this is particularly true in the case of organic molecules. When it becomes bonded, this extra oxygen molecule causes the captured molecule to become “oxidised”.

How to use the G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator?

Although these ozone generators are great at eliminating nasty smells, they need pairing with a more conventional carbon filter system. The manufacturers recommend CarboAir carbon filters which are excellent at eliminating these unwanted odours.

Fit the AirOzone before switching on and attach it with duct clips at both ends. Connect it to your ducting system right after the in-line duct extraction fan, and leave about 5-metres of ducting after it to allow the ozone to mix in the air to clean it up on its way through to the end of the ducting.

Position the ozone generator at a slightly lower level than the extractor fan and filter, as this will ensure that it can work more efficiently. Always switch it on while you turn on the extraction duct fan.

If you’re not using a fan speed controller, it may be an idea to wire it to the same circuit as the extractor fan. If you use a fan speed controller, don’t connect the AirOzone to the same electricity feed because this arrangement will not work. In these cases, the product will need its own electric power supply.

The manufacturers recommend that you use metallic ducting for the length running after the product; aluminium reflective, acoustic or combi ducting would be ideal. Ozone can corrode the lining of some types of ducting, and phonic trap ducting is one of these, so you should not use phonic trap ducting.

If you plan to enter a room treated with ozone, you should turn off all the ozone equipment and leave your extraction fan switched on for at least 30 minutes before entering. This time will allow for most of the ozone to dissipate.

Never inhale the air directly in front of this or any other ozone generator or at the end of the ducting, as this air will have a very high ozone level and could be dangerous to your health.


Where Do I Buy The G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator?

You can easily buy the G.A.S AirOzone Ozone Generator from our website.

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