Lighthouse Oil-Filled Radiator

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The Lighthouse Oil-Filled Radiator is a powerful yet compact radiator that quickly takes the chill off any sized room. They are ideal for growing areas, garages and any enclosed space that needs keeping at a steady and even temperature.

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Lighthouse Oil-Filled Radiator

The Lighthouse Oil-Filled Radiator is a powerful yet compact radiator that quickly takes the chill off any sized room. They are ideal for growing areas, garages and any enclosed space that needs keeping at a steady and even temperature.

Lighthouse Radiators are reliable, completely safe and easy to use, making them ideal for any hydroponic growing setup. They have several features and attributes, including the following:

  • Nine oil-filled fins for uniform dispersal of heat
  • Not fan-based but oil-filled, so they will not dry out growing rooms
  • Ensures that your plants have the optimum growing environment
  • The thermostat is adjustable with in-built protection against overheating
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Known to be highly reliable and sturdy in construction
  • The 2000w model features castor wheels and dual heat settings

How Do They Work?

Oil Filled Radiators are ideal for growing rooms. They’re compact yet powerful and perfect to use as the primary heat source within your hydroponic growing space.

The heaters have an adjustable thermostat control and offer protection against overheating. They will very successfully keep areas warm all through the colder months. The design features nine oil-filled fins to ensure that the heat distribution is as even and uniform as possible.

The fins fill with oil, which is then electrically heated. These radiator fins help to evenly and uniformly distribute the heat through the entire working body of the radiator and this, in turn, benefits your growing space.

There’s a  built-in adjustable thermostat which you can set between High and Low, which allows you to ensure that the space maintains the right temperature at any given time.

While most users know the importance of managing the temperature in your growing room when the lights are on, many such users don’t realise that it’s also crucial to control the room’s temperature when the lights are off.

Allowing the growing room temperature to drop too much when the grow lights are off can cause all sorts of problems which means that you won’t necessarily get the full potential from your crop at harvest.

Your growing room temperature could quickly drop below 15°C, and when it does, the metabolism of your plants will begin to slow down. This process may cause stunted growth, and your plants may start to exhibit all the symptoms of stress.

Keeping and sustaining a consistent temperature in the grow room also means that your plants must deal with shorter internodal spaces. In colder temperatures, this will tend to give rise to long and stringy plants with relatively large internodal gaps. And if the room temperature drops by too much, you will start to get moisture condensing on your plants, which can and probably will cause mould problems and result in rotten fruits and blooms.

All plants are susceptible to even the most subtle temperature changes. Keeping your growing room environment in the range of around 24C to 28°C is essential for your plant’s vitality, health and, ultimately, the yields produced at harvest.

During your plants’ dark cycle, heaters will offset the drop in ambient background temperature from the grow lamps and ensure that your plants remain within their optimum temperature range.

This benefit is handy, especially during the colder winter months, when the temperature can drop sharply, making these small but powerful heaters essential in any successful growing setup.

How to Use?

Attach the radiator to an external and separate temperature gauge so it can be left switched on. Allow the gauge and the thermostat combination to optimise the room’s heat without manual intervention.

You could also add a timer to this arrangement so the heater can come on when the grow lights switch off. Several versatile permutations are possible – you only have to see which one of these suits you best and stick to that as long as it keeps producing good results.

You could take things a bit further and use an AirComfort Wireless Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor, which will give you data that you can then use to correlate the settings with the performance of your plants.

This data will help you work towards the optimum environment for your plants so that they reward you with better results when it matters.

How Do I Buy The Lighthouse Oil-Filled Radiator?

You can buy the Lighthouse Oil-Filled Radiator without difficulty from our online store.

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