SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe


Elevate your hydroponic gardening with the SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 paired with a Probe. This dynamic duo offers unparalleled fan speed adjustments and precise temperature readings. Designed for optimal plant growth, it ensures a meticulously controlled environment. Simple to set up and robust in performance, it’s the gardener’s choice for thriving crops.

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SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe: The Hydroponic Gardener’s Dream

Indoor hydroponic gardening is an art and science, and the SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe (its complementary Temperature Sensor) is the artist’s brush and the scientist’s instrument. This dynamic duo ensures your plants survive and thrive by providing a meticulously controlled environment tailored to their needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Seamless Integration: The synergy between the Smart Controller and Temperature Sensor is unmatched. They offer manual and automated fan speed adjustments, ensuring your plants have the proper airflow.
  • Broad Fan Speed Control: With a whopping 60 distinct speed settings, you can fine-tune the environment to your plants’ exact needs, from seedling to harvest.
  • Temperature Precision: The temperature sensor is accurate and designed to measure up to 3 meters. It ensures precise readings, allowing the controller to adjust fan speeds for optimal growth conditions.
  • Plug, Play, and Prosper: With a hassle-free setup, you can focus on what you love – nurturing your plants. Just plug into your mains socket, set your parameters, and watch your garden flourish.
  • Powerful Capacity: With the ability to support devices up to 1500 Watts (6.5 amps), this controller is versatile and robust.

How does the SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe work?

The SMSCom Smart Controller, paired with the Temperature Sensor, is the heart of your hydroponic system. Think of the controller as the brain, making decisions based on the data it receives from the sensor, its eyes. The sensor, strategically placed at the canopy level of your plants, constantly monitors the temperature. It then communicates this data to the controller, making real-time fan speed adjustments, ensuring a consistent and ideal environment.

How do I use this product?

Using the SMSCom Smart Controller and Temperature Sensor is a breeze. Connect the controller to your mains outlet, set your desired fan speed, and then integrate the Temperature Sensor. Position the sensor at the canopy level of your plants, select your ideal temperature (typically between 22 and 26°C), and let the technology do the rest. It’s like having a personal gardener monitoring your plants 24/7.

Recommended Products and Synergies:

  1. BudBox Pro XL Grow Tent: This tent is the canvas for your hydroponic masterpiece. Its controlled environment shields your plants from external factors, and its spacious design ensures efficient airflow, perfectly complementing the SMSCom controller’s capabilities.
  2. SANlight EVO 5-120 LED Grow Light: Light is life for plants. This LED light provides a spectrum tailored for hydroponics, ensuring plants get the proper wavelengths for optimal growth. Its energy efficiency perfectly matches the SMSCom controller, creating a sustainable and thriving ecosystem.
  3. Grow Bitz Thermometer Hygrometer with Probe: Knowledge is power. You can make informed decisions about your garden’s needs by monitoring temperature and humidity. This tool’s readings can guide the SMSCom controller’s adjustments, creating a harmonious environmental balance.
  4. Fabric Pots: Roots need to breathe. These pots ensure better root aeration and prevent overwatering. Their design works in harmony with the SMSCom controller’s controlled airflow, ensuring robust root growth.
  5. Round Deep Saucers: A clean garden is a happy garden. These saucers capture excess water, preventing spillage and maintaining the room’s humidity. They are the unsung heroes, working tirelessly in the background to support the leading players in your hydroponic system.

In conclusion, the SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe is not just a product; it promises a thriving garden, robust plants, and a hydroponic experience like no other. When paired with the recommended products, it forms the backbone of an efficient and effective system, ensuring plants reach their full potential.

How can I buy a SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe?

You can easily buy a SMSCom Smart Controller 6.5A Mk2 with Probe from our online store.

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