G.A.S Enviro Controller V2


The Global Air Supplies Enviro Controller V2 is an ideal way to manage your entire hydroponic growing room or grow tent environment from one single controller.

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G.A.S Enviro Controller V2

The G.A.S Enviro Controller V2 is ideal for managing your entire hydroponic growing room or growing tent environment from one controller. 

This controller is straightforward to set up and works to detect any changes in the environment thermostatically. It then regulates these changes according to pre-set parameters; in short, there need never be any fluctuations in temperature in the growing area from now on! 

The unit also monitors humidity levels with its sensor. You can pre-set day and night settings independently so that these can be different – just the way your plants will like it – whether the grow lights are turned on or off. (Plants prefer it to be a few degrees colder during the night.) 

The V2 has some handy features and benefits, and these are:

  • Calibrate the integral sensor for both temperature and humidity
  • Can run AC and EC fans (AC fans up to a maximum of 2,200 watts)
  • Ideal for use with the Systemair Revolution Vector fan range or Hyper fans
  • Controls temperature and humidity levels precisely and quickly
  • Large LCD for all current grow room information
  • Menu options are simple to set up and change at any time
  • You can plug in extra heaters, timers, humidifiers or dehumidifiers using the exit sockets, all these being controllable from the Enviro Controller V2 
  • You can control up to two 600w grow lights for complete lighting and ventilation control
  • It comes complete with humidity, temperature and light sensor 
  • The V2 allows you to set maximum and minimum day and night fan speed settings to better control your growing area environment.
  • The V2 comes complete with auto-dimming LEDs, and Green LED indication lights, ensuring that your plants’ cycle will not be disturbed by any unwanted light.

As well as managing your fans, the Enviro Controller V2 has two fully programmable sockets that can control other environmental grow room equipment such as your heaters, lights, timers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. 

The heaters can automatically switch on when the temperature drops below a certain level. For heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, there are different settings for day and night, so you’ll always be able to sustain the ideal grow room climate. 

You can control any growing room equipment if it does not exceed 13 amps or 2,200 watts. Grow lights should not exceed 1,200 watts because they have a surge spike upon first being switched on. 

You can control your growing room humidity and temperature by digitally managing your fans’ speeds. The Enviro Controller V2 will automatically control the fan speed of both AC and EC fans. 

The product comes complete with an integral fan balancer to control your growing area’s intake and outlet (exhaust) fans. 

This controller perfectly matches the Systemair Revolution EC and AC fan series. 

How it Works

Controlling the speed of your fans can be key to the success or failure of your hydroponic growing area and your crop yield generally. When cold outdoor temperatures strike hard, it’s advantageous to have the ability to reduce air intake flow by a small amount, allowing the heaters and grow lights to compensate for this. 

The reverse is true of the summer months when rising outside temperatures can play havoc with your idealised indoor climate. 

Whatever the case, turning fans up or down helps keep air temperatures at their optimal best. 

This product controls the humidity and temperature levels using its built-in thermostat and humidity sensor. It can regulate either AC fans or EC fans, thereby maintaining your growing area climate metrics. 

Every aspect of your growing area’s environment can be governed by the controller’s easy-to-use operating panel. These include your grow lights, pumps, heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and anything that needs to be switched on or off (which does not exceed the total 13 amps rating).

You need to plug the equipment into the two exit sockets, which are fully programmable and informed by the device’s probes. 

Here’s a brief description of these exit sockets’ functions: 


You can set heaters to switch on when the temperature drops below a pre-determined level. Unlike a typical thermostat, you can select different temperatures for the day (light) and night (dark). 


Set your humidifiers to switch on when the humidity drops below your pre-determined levels. Again, this can be different for the day (light) and night (dark). 


This setting works like humidifiers except in the opposite direction, switching them on as moisture levels rise above your pre-determined day or night settings. 


You can control your growing room equipment (not exceeding 13 amps), everything from your lights (up to 2 x 600w) to your system pumps.

How to use

Switch off your EC or AC fans before connecting the Enviro Controller V2. Mount the device somewhere safe and away from any water supply or where any water spillage could occur, and turn off the unit. 

Suspend the probe sensor near the middle of the growing area and connect your EC or AC fans to their respective sockets. 

Then connect any other growing area equipment into the sockets below, clearly marked Exit 1 and 2. When everything is connected, you should turn on the unit at the wall and begin to navigate the menu; apply the pre-determined settings for the various growing area equipment to your desired humidity and temperature levels, the fan settings and all the timed equipment.

What Cables Do I Need?

The Enviro Controller V2 doesn’t come with any controller cables. So to connect directly to a Hyper Fan or Vector EC fan, you will need to use a 5-metre Male to Male Cable (in this context, both the active and non-active variants will work equally well). 

The device has two sockets: one for the intake fan and one for the extraction fan; therefore, you will have to use two cables if you want to run two fans. 

Each V1 Hyper Fan comes with a 5-metre Male to Male Cable, but Vector EC fans are not. If you are using V2 Hyper Fans, you will also need to buy an adapter for each fan as they now come with alternate connectors.

Also, please note that you cannot use V1 and V2 Hyper Fans simultaneously. V2 Hyper Fans now use the same signalling system as Vector Fans, so you can now use Vector and V2 Hyper Fans together.


  • Dimensions: 20cm x 9cm
  • Max Amp: 13 Amp total
  • Power Lead Length: 1.2 metres
  • Probe Length: 3.8 metres

Where Do I Buy a G.A.S Enviro Controller V2?

You can buy your G.A.S Enviro Controller V2 from our site.

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