Control Freak 3A Frequency Controller


The Control Freak 3A Frequency Controller is well suited for use in hydroponic grow rooms and combines the best characteristics of both a traditional fan speed controller and a hybrid fan controller.

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Control Freak 3A Frequency Controller

The Control Freak 3A Frequency Controller is well suited for use in hydroponic grow rooms and combines the best characteristics of both a traditional fan speed controller and a hybrid fan controller. 

The 3A has the control of an ordinary PWM (or pulse width modulation) type controller and the noiselessness and smooth output of a hybrid type. 

Regular fan controllers create a sharp-pointed modulation that usually introduces a humming noise within the fan motor and could even diminish the fan’s lifespan. Hybrid fan speed controllers result in a pleasant smooth waveform though they have only four of five optional speeds. 

This fan controller works in a very different manner by modifying the frequency of a regular waveform. Here the science and technology take off, and the innovative and brilliant design allows you a great user experience that hydroponics growers rarely get the chance to see. 

This product allows you a staggering 90 possible fan speeds that you can set by yourself when in manual mode, or it can be put into automatic mode and will choose the best fan speed by itself. Define the temperature, and the controller will compute the details for you. 

The Control Freak 3A features several attributes and features, and these include the following:

  • Generates a noticeably softer output waveform when compared to standard PWM fan speed controllers, both significantly decreasing loudness and enhancing the life expectancy of your fan
  • Lowering the fan speed with the Control Freak helps you save electricity compared with numerous other fan speed controllers that use the same power irrespective of the speed.
  • The remote temp sensor lets it regulate the fan speed during the automatic mode.
  • Total control from 10 to 100% fan speed
  • Variable minimum and maximum speeds
  • Lightweight construction 
  • A large LCD panel
  • Plug and play design

The comprehensive package includes the Control Freak 3A Dynamic Frequency Fan Speed Controller with a remote thermostat and 1.5m electric power cable.

How does it Work?

A constant climate produces the most contented plants. This product lets you automatically regulate your fan speed in line with the ambient temperature of your grow room or go with the manual setting where you control the fan controller personally. 

Control Freak’s innovative frequency-based design produces the waveform of the electrical power to the fan regular and steady, which is not an option with traditional PWM fan controllers. It operates quietly, ensuring a lengthier lifetime for your fan and complete control over your growing area. 

The controller has an LCD screen, so it is simpler and easier to see the metrics. The fan controller can also save you lots of energy use as lowering your speed decreases the electrical consumption of the fan. This flexibility is in stark contrast to many other controllers, which use full power irrespective of the fan speed. 

This controller comes with two outlet sockets; therefore, it can regulate two fans using the same device. The only limitation is that the combined current does not exceed three amps.

Automatic Mode

Most people prefer to use the automatic mode. This setting is the ‘temperature-controlled mode’ whereby you set the temperature you wish your grow space to be (in steps of 1 degree of either Celsius or Fahrenheit). The controller will automatically readjust the speed up and down for you to keep up the temperature you have specified. 

You can easily set a minimum fan speed and a maximum fan speed. Most users will generally keep these settings at 10 or 100%, respectively, to provide the device with the most versatility to modify the fan speed to the optimum to preserve the temperature that you have specified. 

An unusual feature of the controller is that it will permit you to fine-tune something known as ‘bandwidth’. If the frequency output of the product matches the same frequency of any other connected products, a discordant noise may occur. If this happens in manual mode, change the speed by 1 or 2% or 1 or 2 degrees in automatic mode. Either way, these adjustments will resolve the buzzing noise quickly.

Manual Mode

Using this in manual mode, you select the speed yourself, and the controller will stick to that consistent fan speed no matter the ambient temperature.


  • 3 Amp
  • Weight: 2.06kg
  • Supply voltage: 220-240v – 1 Ph

Where Do I Buy a Control Freak 3A Frequency Controller?

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