Tornado Acoustic MDF Box Fan

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The Tornado Acoustic MDF Box Fan is an extremely powerful, popular and surprisingly quiet fan that is absolutely ideal for use in a hydroponic grow room or tent.

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Tornado Acoustic MDF Box Fan

The Tornado Acoustic MDF Box Fan is an extremely powerful, popular and surprisingly quiet fan that is absolutely ideal for use in a hydroponic grow room or tent.

It moves huge amounts of air very efficiently and without a huge amount of noise; this whole range of fans are firm favourites with the growing community.

The Tornado Box Fan offers several features and attributes, including:

  • Moves 1500 to 3250 cubic metres of air each hour, efficiently and relatively quietly
  • Replaces diminished CO2 while getting rid of excess humidity and heat
  • Trusted by many growers who use larger spaces
  • Features moisture-resistant MDF panels
  • It comes complete with a hard-wired 5m power cable; easy to position in the right place

How the Tornado Box Fan Works

Tornado Acoustic Duct Fans are designed to transfer air to-and-from your grow area, getting rid of heat and moisture while replacing CO2 while it becomes reduced. Duct fans are usually used along with carbon filters to get rid of undesirable odours.

Fresh air is drawn through layers of charcoal and cleansed to eliminate odours before it gets to its escape point, maintaining air that will be clear of smells.

Duct fans are an essential part of any effective growth it is well worth buying top-quality equipment to get the best possible results.

Tornado fans are reliable and efficient, making use of a prestige Torin Sifan motor, which is designed and manufactured in Swindon. They move a lot of air, and, as acoustic fans, they’re exceptionally quiet. They also look the business!

Using The Acoustic MDF Box Fan

The Acoustic MDF Box Fan needs to be mounted at the top of your grow tent or grow room to get rid of hot air when it moves upwards. You should preferably use either Acoustic or Phonic Trap ducting. These kinds of ducting are lined with insulation that will reduce the level of noise created by air as it moves over bends and ridges, producing friction.

Ducting ought to be connected to the vents on the Tornado fan with duct clips (supplied separately) to ensure that the connection is secure. If the ducting comes loose, unwanted odours can get out, and humidity and heat levels could rise.

Similarly, it’s recommended to connect the inlet vent of your fan to the carbon filter using a fast clamp.

It is better if these duct fans are used in conjunction with coil-type fan speed controllers rather than solely digital versions which may well generate acoustic resonance, resulting in a buzzing and humming noise.

SMSCom Hybrid fan controllers deliver the quietness of coil-type controllers with intelligent room control and are available separately.

Keep ducting runs as short as possible as each metre of ducting decreases the flow rate which the fan is capable of doing. The more ducting attached, the lower the airflow. Be aware that a carbon filter will reduce the airflow your fan can attain by about 25% just on its own. Whenever rounding a corner with ducting make an effort to create a swept bend instead of a sharp bend as that will decrease airflow by the least extent and help to keep wind noise down.

How to Choose Which Model of Fan

The fan model you choose depends on the volume of air you need to extract from your growing area. This is generally given as the Cubic Feet per Minute rating (CFM) although it’s sometimes called the Rated Air Flow, which is indicated in cubic metres per hour.

You might find it handy to look at the article How to Best Filter Your Hydroponic Grow Room for further details.

In total, you will need:

  • One extractor fan to draw the air out of your grow tent or growing area
  • Air vents to draw fresh air in, or  a second, smaller extractor fan to draw air in
  • A separate 5-metre power lead for each extractor fan
  • A carbon filter (for your extractor fan only)
  • An appropriate length of ducting
  • 3 x duct clips
  • 2 x Rope Ratchets (advisable)

How To Use 

Connect a mains power cable to your Acoustic MDF Box Fan.

Identify the direction the air is flowing. Air needs to be sucked out of your grow tent or growing area, or into your grow tent or growing area for intake. There may be an arrow on the casing of the fan which indicates which way the air travels.

To connect all the parts together, attach an appropriate length of ducting to the exhaust side of the fan by means of a duct clip, then feed the length of ducting through the duct port on your tent, or to the area you wish to vent into.

Connect the other end of the fan to the filter using a fast clamp.

Where Do I Buy the Tornado Acoustic MDF Box Fan?

You can easily buy the Tornado Acoustic MDF Box Fan from our website.

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