Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner

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The Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner converts liquid propane into carbon dioxide to give your plants a boost in growth. These products have four or ten burners that produce CO2.

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Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner

The Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner converts liquid propane into carbon dioxide to give your plants a boost in growth. These products have four or ten burners that produce CO2. An array of safety features ensures very reliable operation. There’s no open pilot light – instead, this is replaced by electronic ignition, while a solenoid valve is in place to restrict gas output should the burners not ignite. There’s also a tip-over controller, which will cut the power if the product is not mounted upright.

This product is ideal to use in hydroponic growing systems as it offers a range of worthwhile qualities and attributes, including:

  • Able to get more CO2 from propane than with bottled gas
  • Powered by liquid propane gas (LPG), which is easy to obtain and highly efficient
  • Good for retaining humidity in the growing space
  • It has no permanent pilot light, so there is no interference with light cycles
  • Lots of safety features with the autopilot
  • Steel casing is rust and moisture resistant

The 4kW model is suitable for a 90m2 area (4 x CO2 burners).

The 10kW model is ideal for a 220m2 area (10 x CO2 burners).

How Does it Work?

Integrated LEDs will show you the operational status at any one time. There is a 4kW version and a 10kW version. Each of these comes complete with its gas regulator, a 3.66m hose, a power adapter and hardware to securely suspend it from a suitable loadbearing position in your growing room or tent.

There is no pilot light in either of these models because the electronic ignition system means there’s no need for one. You can suspend this product using the supplied rope ratchets or have it free-standing on the floor using the expandable metal legs also included. A solenoid valve feature will allow you to turn the CO2 supply on and off, and it’s this solenoid valve that ensures the gas supply is safe and fully turned off when you want it to be.

The product has a tip-over switch for safety, and this will cut the power if the product isn’t upright (either free-standing or suspended). Additionally, the brass burners all have tips lined with chrome to reduce carbon buildup. There is uniform CO2 dispersal, so you can count on the CO2 being pushed evenly out of both sides because of its unique internal V-shaped design.

But why add would you want to CO2 in the first place?

Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis (basically, this is sugar production). If the supply of CO2 is restricted, so is the sugar production capacity. Plants can handle between 1000 and 1200ppm of carbon dioxide. But there’s only around 400 to 450ppm of it in the air, which is less than half the amount they can use!

Therefore adding CO2 is one of the best and simplest ways of increasing sugar production, and doing this will increase your yield by up to 20%. Also, in the summer, added CO2 helps plants cope with heat stress by enabling the plants to photosynthesise more.

How to Use?

The Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner is straightforward to use. But you will need the following equipment:

  • Propane canister (available in most garages or petrol stations).
  • LPG Generator.
  • UK low-pressure Propane Regulator (should come with the canister).
  • 1/2 bar regulator (with 4kW Generator)
  • 1 bar regulator (with 10kW Generator)
  • CO2 Controller with integral sensor/analyser or separate sensor
  • Pipe cutters.
  • Leak detection fluid.
  • Hose clamp or gas hose clips.

Each model comes with full instructions.

Pro Tip: CO2 is heavier than oxygen, so you should keep your air well mixed by getting an air diffuser for optimum results. You could also use air circulator fans for this purpose. Ensure that you suspend your equipment correctly and securely and leave plenty of space around it. You must provide it with a free flow of air.


  • Gas regulator
  • 3.66m hose
  • Hanging hardware
  • Metal feed
  • 24V power adapter

Where Can I Buy the Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner?

You can easily buy a Pro-Leaf CO2 Generator (LPG) Burner from our website.

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