CarboAir Inline Filter

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Experience unrivalled air quality in your hydroponic setup with the CarboAir Inline Filter. These filters come in four sizes to fit your needs and effectively eliminate odours while reducing noise from the ductwork. Expertly handcrafted in Europe, they guarantee a high-performing, space-saving, and noise-reducing solution for your grow room. Enjoy a fresher and quieter environment with CarboAir.

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High-Performance CarboAir Inline Filter: The Ultimate Solution for Air Quality in Hydroponics

The CarboAir Inline Filter series offers state-of-the-art air filtration for hydroponic setups. These premium-grade filters are compact, efficient, and adept at reducing noise, making them perfect for overcoming common challenges in indoor grow rooms.

Unmatched Design and Performance

CarboAir Filters are skillfully handcrafted in Europe, guaranteeing superior build quality and performance. These filters are for direct integration with the external ductwork of your grow room. They scrub the vented air, effectively eliminating any undesired odours. Their compact design is particularly beneficial for limited spaces.

This Inline Filter series offers four sizes: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, and 315mm, to cater to various needs. Each model differs in terms of maximum airflow, weight, and dimensions, offering a bespoke fit for every setup.


Features and Benefits

  • A space-saving design ideal for limited growing areas
  • Substantial reduction in ductwork noise
  • A key component for Ozone odour removal systems
  • Built from virgin activated granular carbon for superior odour absorption
  • Backed by a minimum 2-year warranty
  • Convenient built-in hanging brackets for easy installation
  • Thoroughly laboratory-tested for ensured performance.

How Does This Product Work?

CarboAir Filters utilise activated granular carbon, a powerful agent for trapping and neutralising organic chemicals. As the air flows through the filter, the carbon effectively absorbs the impurities and odours, releasing clean and fresh air into your environment.

How Do I Use a CarboAir Inline Filter?

Installing the Inline Filter is a simple process. You’ll need an inline fan to extract air from your grow room and push it into the filter. An ideal location for the filter is where it can effectively handle the outgoing air from the room. Using the built-in hanging brackets, you can suspend the filter securely with Rope Ratchets, ensuring it’s positioned horizontally for optimal airflow. Adding duct clips ensures a tight and secure fit between the filter, fan, and ducting.

Recommended Products

  • AirOzone Ozone Generator: This ozone generator enhances the odour-neutralising capability of the CarboAir Inline Filter by producing ozone, a powerful oxidant known for neutralising odours. The combined use ensures a fresher and more pleasant grow environment.
  • PhonicTrap Acoustic Ducting: Designed to dampen the noise created by airflow, this acoustic ducting is the perfect companion for the CarboAir Inline Filter. Together, they provide a quieter and more peaceful growing environment.
  • SystemAir Revolution Silenced V2 EC Fan: This high-powered inline fan ensures optimal airflow through the filter, improving the overall efficiency of the odour-scrubbing process. It is quiet, energy-efficient, and pairs perfectly with the CarboAir Filter.
  • Duct Clips: These clips are crucial for setting up an efficient system by securely attaching the filter, fan, and ducting for a proper fit. A tight fit helps maximise the filter’s performance and reduces air leakage.
  • Heavy Duty Rope Ratchets: Perfect for securely hanging your CarboAir Inline Filter. These ratchets are robust, reliable, and easy to adjust, ensuring your filter stays firmly in place for optimal performance.

Upgrade your hydroponic setup with the CarboAir Inline Filter today and experience the transformation that top-tier air filtration can bring about.

How can I buy a CarboAir Inline Filter?

You can easily buy a CarboAir Inline Filter from our website by selecting the size you require using the drop-down menu above.

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