CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter

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The CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter is superb for hydroponics growers; this series of carbon filters are great for larger sized growing spaces.

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CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter

The CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter is superb for hydroponics growers; this series of carbon filters are great for larger sized growing spaces. They are top-notch products, built to SystemAir’s exacting standards.

CarboAir uses grainier carbon than average and extremely good quality, which allows the best possible contact time, eliminating undesirable smells while maintaining excellent airflow levels from your duct fan.

Airflow levels deserve your serious attention, given that they’re a crucial component of your grow space set-up. If excessive ‘drag’ occurs because of the carbon filter, your extraction system will not operate to its full potential, and you will move far less air through the growing room than would be best.  Because of this, the area temperature will increase, and the carbon dioxide won’t replace correctly. Photosynthesis will slow and reduce your crop’s rate of growth. You will need to maintain your balanced ecosystem for your plants to prosper and result in a good yield.

You should buy a filter that is the proper match for your fan. The CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter has several features, and these include the following:

  • Destroys growing room odours stone dead without smothering your fans’ performance
  • Hand-built to a tremendously high quality and accredited by Systemair
  • Machine cleanable pre-filter sleeve supplied and pre-fitted
  • Matches totally with Revolution fans
  • Preserves remarkable efficiency levels at rated airflows for a minimum of a year and a half

These are for the larger-scale cultivator; these carbon filters deal with really high amounts of air and extreme smell concentrations, making them the optimum match for the most powerful fans.  Growers who would like to double filter their air before venting away can benefit the most from these types of remarkably dense carbon filters. You’ll need large pressure levels in your fan to work with a CarboAir 75; however, what you are getting is a carbon filter that will handle among the most rigorous conditions effortlessly.

Why Do I Need a Carbon Filter?

The extractor fan in your growing room eliminates warm, old air and surplus moisture content from your growing area and, as a result, draws fresh air in, regulating the local environment and replacing the CO2.  If you cultivate plants with intense, undesirable odours, you will have to filter this air before venting it to an exterior point. Your filter links to your duct fan, air will get sucked through an external tier of mesh then through an interior tier of carbon before passing through the removal system.

How Do I Use the CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter?

Carbon filters should pair with a compatible duct fan concerning the venting dimensions and airflow rate. If the airflow rating of the duct fan is way too high for the filter, the air might flow through it too quickly to clean correctly.

Before use, you need to take off the synthetic wrap from the exterior of the drum, which has been pre-fitted on the carbon filter. Your CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter will need to be positioned inside or near your growing area or grow tent and connected with your extractor fan utilizing ducting and duct clips or with a fast clamp that joins the carbon filter to the fan.

Irrespective of how they’re attached, all joins must be air-tight for the fan and carbon filter system to do the job effectively.

The outside of the carbon filter shouldn’t be enclosed or impeded because this might reduce the filter’s proficiency. Smaller filters and fans are typically mounted into growing tents and grow spaces by hanging them from bars or ceilings. They occupy significantly less room in this way, and they get rid of the warmest air, which will likely be towards the top of the area. Place larger filters too cumbersome for suspending on the floor. Once you’ve set up both filter and fan in your growing area, you can run ducting from the extractor fan’s outlet beyond the grow space.

CarboAir filters are fitted to the extractor fan’s intake side and should never be attached to the outlet side. Instead, air should be drawn through them and never blown out. Should air be blown through them, it’ll make them inadequate and even harm them inside.

The dust filter around the exterior should be removed and cleaned when it gets soiled to sustain an even airflow. You should be aware that moisture degrades the functionality of carbon filters. Humidity is their foe and makes them inadequate at eliminating smells, shortening the life expectancy outlook of the filter by a noticeable measure. Because of this, always remember to keep humidity down to a practical range (somewhere around 40% to 60% or less ), and your filter will benefit, and your plants will be healthier.


Max Airflow Rates:

  • 315mm x 1000mm: 6000m3/h
  • 355mm x 1000mm: 6000m3/h

How Do I Buy a CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter?

You can buy a CarboAir 75 Carbon Filter quite easily from our site here.

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