Maxifan Oscillating Clip Fan 20cm


The Maxifan Oscillating Clip Fan 20cm is a standout choice for grow tents and indoor hydroponic setups. Its powerful clip, adjustable oscillating head, and two-speed settings ensure optimal airflow and plant health. What sets it apart is its lightweight, maintenance-free design and its ability to secure onto objects up to 4 cm in diameter, providing flexibility and ease of use for all growers.

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Boost Your Grow Tent’s Airflow with Ease

Looking for a reliable fan to keep the air circulating in your grow tent? The Maxifan Oscillating Clip Fan 20cm is just what you need. Perfect for indoor hydroponics, this versatile fan clips securely to most objects up to 4cm thick. Its oscillating feature ensures even airflow, helping your plants thrive by preventing hot spots and stagnant air. With two speed settings and a flexible design, it’s easy to position the Maxifan exactly where you need it most.

Features, Benefits, and Attributes:

  • Powerful Grip: Clips to anything up to 4cm in diameter, securing the fan in place.
  • Flexible Airflow: Oscillates side to side; also swivels and tilts to direct airflow precisely.
  • Compact Design: 20cm (8-inch) diameter takes up no floor space, ideal for small grow spaces.
  • Two Speed Settings: Choose the right airflow intensity for your plants’ needs.
  • New Clamp Style: Improved design for a more secure hold.
  • Maintenance-Free: High-quality bearings ensure continuous use without the need for upkeep.
  • Energy Efficient: 20W power consumption makes it economical to run continuously.

This fan is excellent for clipping onto the internal poles of your grow tent, leaving more room for your plants. The light and flexible design allows for easy adjustments, making it a must-have for any serious grower.

This fan optimises airflow in your grow tent, ensuring your plants receive the ventilation they need to flourish. Here’s how it works and why it’s a top choice for hydroponic gardeners.

Oscillating Motion for Even Airflow

The Maxifan features an oscillating head that moves from side to side. This motion distributes air evenly throughout your grow space, preventing hot spots and ensuring all plants get adequate ventilation. By keeping the air moving, it also helps control humidity levels, reducing the risk of mould and mildew, thereby reassuring you about your plants’ health and safety.

Adjustable Fan Head

One of the standout features of the Maxifan is its adjustable fan head. You can swivel and tilt the head to direct airflow exactly where it’s needed. This flexibility allows you to pinpoint specific areas of your grow tent, whether it’s a dense canopy or a section that needs extra ventilation.

Powerful and Secure Clip

The Maxifan’s robust clip can attach to any object up to 4cm in diameter. This powerful grip ensures the fan stays in place, even in high-vibration environments. You can easily clip it to the internal poles of your grow tent, maximising space for your plants.

Two Speed Settings

With two speed settings, the Maxifan allows you to adjust the fan’s intensity to match your plants’ growth stage. Use a lower speed for young seedlings and increase the airflow as your plants mature. This adaptability makes the Maxifan suitable for all stages of plant growth, giving you the confidence that it can meet your plants’ changing needs.

High-Quality Construction

Built with high-quality bearings, the Maxifan is ideal for continuous use. These bearings are maintenance-free, ensuring the fan operates smoothly without the need for regular upkeep. Additionally, the new clamp style offers an improved, more secure hold compared to previous models.

Why Choose the Maxifan Oscillating Clip Fan 20cm?

Hydroponic gardeners, whether beginners or experienced, need reliable, efficient equipment to maintain optimal growing conditions. The Maxifan provides superior airflow, flexibility, and durability, creating the ideal atmosphere for your plants to thrive. Its compact design saves space, while the powerful clip and adjustable head offer unmatched versatility. It’s a must-have for any serious grower.

Check out our Grow Tips section which has a guide to Grow Room Air Circulation Using Fans. Or check out this post from the States explaining how to choose the best fan for your tent here.

Setting up your Clip Fan is a breeze. Follow these simple tips to ensure optimal airflow in your hydroponic setup and help your plants thrive.

Positioning the Fan

First, choose the best location in your grow tent. Ideally, you want the fan to circulate air evenly around your plants. Look for a spot that allows the oscillating motion to cover the entire space.

Attaching the Fan

Next, attach the fan to a sturdy object within your grow tent. The powerful clip can grip anything up to 4cm in diameter. Most growers clip it onto the internal poles of the grow tent. Ensure the clip is secure so the fan remains stable during operation.

Adjusting the Fan Head

Once the fan is securely attached, adjust the fan head. You can swivel and tilt the head to direct airflow exactly where needed. This flexibility is perfect for targeting specific areas or adapting to different plant heights.

Setting the Speed

The Maxifan offers two speed settings. Use the lower speed for young plants that don’t require intense airflow. As your plants grow, switch to a higher speed to provide them with the ventilation they need. Toggle the switch to choose your desired speed.

Ensuring Continuous Operation

For continuous use, the Maxifan’s high-quality bearings and maintenance-free design mean you don’t have to worry about regular upkeep. However, it’s a good idea to check the fan occasionally to ensure it’s working smoothly and is unobstructed by plant growth.

Optimising Airflow

To get the most out of your Maxifan, consider its oscillating feature. This movement helps distribute air evenly, preventing stagnant pockets and ensuring your entire grow space benefits from improved airflow. Adjust the oscillation and tilt as needed to cover all areas.

How many air movement fans do I need in my grow tent?

The number of air movement fans you need depends on the size of your tent and the density of your plants. For small to medium grow tents (60×60 cm to 120×120 cm or 2×2 to 4×4 ft), one or two fans should suffice. However, larger tents or those with a dense plant canopy may require additional fans to ensure even airflow throughout the space. Always aim to have good air circulation around all plants to prevent hot spots and improve overall growth conditions.

Do I need to have the air movement fans running continuously?

Yes, it’s generally a good idea to have your air movement fans running continuously. Constant airflow helps regulate temperature, control humidity, and prevent mould and mildew from developing. The Maxifan’s high-quality bearings are designed for continuous operation, so you can keep the fan running without worrying about maintenance. However, if you’re using a timer for your grow lights, you should synchronise the fan with your light cycles.

Is it better to have an oscillating fan or a regular fixed-head fan?

An oscillating fan like the Maxifan is typically better for grow tents than a regular fixed-head fan. The oscillating motion ensures that air circulates evenly throughout the entire grow space, reaching all plants and preventing hot spots. This even distribution of airflow helps maintain a consistent environment, which is crucial for healthy plant growth. Fixed-head fans, while useful, may not provide the same level of coverage and can lead to uneven air distribution.

  • Mammoth Classic 60 Grow Tent: This compact grow tent (60x60x140 cm) is perfect for small spaces. It provides a controlled grow space for your plants, ensuring optimal conditions. Pair it with the Maxifan for enhanced airflow and better temperature regulation.
  • U-GO Fan with Digital Controller: The U-GO Fan with Digital Controller allows precise control of your grow tent’s climate. It works seamlessly with the Maxifan, ensuring your plants receive consistent airflow and the ideal temperature. The digital controller makes adjustments easy and accurate.
  • U-GO Carbon Filter: Essential for controlling odours, the U-GO Carbon Filter keeps your grow space fresh. It effectively removes unwanted smells, making your grow tent more discreet. Combine it with the U-GO Fan for a complete ventilation solution.
  • Combi Ducting, Rope Ratchets, and Duct Clips: This trio ensures efficient airflow and secure equipment setup. Combi Ducting is flexible and durable, perfect for connecting fans and filters. Rope Ratchets allow for easy adjustment and secure positioning of lights and fans. Duct Clips ensure tight connections, preventing air leaks and maintaining efficient ventilation. Use them together for a seamless and effective setup in your grow tent.

Experience Optimal Airflow with the Maxifan Oscillating Clip Fan 20cm.

Enhance your grow tent with the Maxifan Clip Fan. Its superior design and flexible features ensure your plants receive the optimal environment for growth. Don’t wait – add the Maxifan to your basket today and elevate your indoor gardening experience to new heights.

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