The New Look of Caliponics Online

Continuing to Grow Success


Driven by You, Designed for You

Your invaluable feedback has been our guiding star in this redesign journey. Our goal? To mirror the in-store efficiency and expertise you love right on your digital doorstep.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Visual and functional Reboot: Dive into a website that’s not just visually striking but incredibly user-friendly.
  • Cleaner Navigation: Effortlessly find your favourite products with our streamlined navigation.
  • Advanced Search Power: Those hard-to-find items are now at your fingertips, thanks to our improved search capabilities.
  • In-depth Product Insights: Our expanded product descriptions don’t just inform – they inspire successful Hydroponic ventures.
  • Uninterrupted Browsing: Say goodbye to pop-ups and hello to a smooth, continuous experience.
  • Simplified Shopping: Our quick checkout process means more time growing and less time waiting.

A Brand Refreshed

Our updated brand is clear and concise, making your digital journey both informative and enjoyable. This improved visual identity extends to our social media, ensuring you recognise and trust our content instantly.

Collections Selected for Every Need

Our enhanced brand list showcases the best in the market, from Air Movement and Temperature Control to Lighting, Grow Tents and Nutrients . Our detailed breakdowns ensure each product story is told with precision, answering every query and sparking new ideas.

Our ever expanding Growing Advice section continues to provide insightful hints and tips across a wide range of hydroponic systems, keeping you up to date on the latest industry trends.

Celebrate with Us

Join us in celebrating this milestone with a special treat – Just use the code “Cali15” at checkout to enjoy 15% off your entire order for seven days post-launch.

Your Opinion Matters

We invite you to explore the new Caliponic’s online. Your thoughts and feedback are what drive us forward.

Here’s to growing together in every way possible.